00663.00_02_14_17.Still003Friday morning MCHD held a Save Reunion, This stemmed from a call   on September 25, 2015.  A call was taken in ALARM by Melissa Grindstaff for a motor vehicle accident. While on the phone with 911, the calling party states she thinks the patient may be dead. Porter Fire Department was not far from the scene when the incident happened and arrived shortly after being dispatched.  Porter Fire Department Engine 121 arrived with Lt. Howard Rinewalt, E/O Brandon Shafer, Firefighters Ross Carrithers and Juan Morales; who quickly identified the patient was in cardiac arrest and initiated CPR using the ResQ CPR System. Porter Fire Department is one of three departments currently using the new CPR system by Zoll. This incident occurred only a few days after the “Go Live” date of the system. Captain Richard Mixx of Porter Fire Department also responded to assist. Montgomery County Hospital District’s M34 (Erin Krammer and Tyler Grisham) arrived on scene and continued care and initiated advanced care interventions. MCHD’s District Supervisor Tammy Welch arrived to assist crews with the working cardiac arrest. After several minutes of care, patient regained pulses and the crews prepared the patient for transport. Patient was taken to local hospital where he was treated for his condition and released. The patient has met with some of the crew members but is excited to meet all of the people involved in his care. The EMS crew would also like to thank DPS Trooper Christopher Lucchesi who went above and beyond and assisted EMS in the care of this patient.

The patient, Dale Hardeman, a former Porter resident was traveling from his home in Shepherd to Home Depot in Porter. As he turned off US 59 onto FM 1314 he had a heart attack. His vehicle crossed the opposite lanes of traffic and went into an open field. Hardeman spent a week on the hospital before returning home.

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