On Sunday, November 23, 2014, at approximately 9:38pm, Roberto Reyes Jr, was operating his blue 2007 Honda Civic while traveling southbound in the 10600 block of Airline Drive near Hambrick, in Harris County. Mike Robledo was seated in the front passenger seat. Brayen Perdoma, Jesus Gonzalez, and Fernanda Macias were seated in the back seat of Reyes’ vehicle. Reyes was speeding approximately 30 mph over the speed limit. Reyes failed to drive in a single marked lane where he lost control of his vehicle and ultimately crashed into a steel fence and rotated onto it’s roof. Fernanda Macias was ejected out of the vehicle during the crash and was found with no signs of life at the scene. Reyes was found to be an eighteen year old unlicensed intoxicated driver. Reyes was charged with Intoxication Manslaughter. This case remains under the investigation of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Traffic Enforcement Division.

Witnesses say the Honda Civic and a Dodge Charger were doing what is called “SWANGIN” (swerving the car sharply from side to side… GOOGLE IT!)…

This is the second fatal crash in the past several weeks of a young teen involved in a SWANGIN incident. The last one being on Sheldon Road.







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  1. spk

    Just one more case of people driving a vehicle who are not mature and responsible enough to do it.
    “18-yr-old unlicensed intoxicated driver”
    same question as always–where were the parents? 18, in my opinion, is too young to drive a car anyway. You are not grown at 18. Sorry, it’s my opinion. Too many teenagers think the highway is supposed to be their own personal racetrack. They need to grow up before being entrusted with a large vehicle like this.

  2. LocalDrifter

    Rue the day if waggin’ ever catches on with unlicensed drunken white kids who don’t buckle up.

    The bright light in all this not having to pay for a wrecker. Just drag tumped hulk of the Honda over to Airline Auto Parts and they’ll part it out right there.

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