Just after 7 a.m., Thursday morning a dump truck heading west on SH 242 ran a red light at Old Houston Road ad slammed into a Ford Escape. After the impact the truck, pushing the Ford ripped it’s front end off when it struck the traffic signal pole and continued into the ditch but not before tearing the engine and transmission out of the car. The fuel tank was ripped off the truck and came to rest between the trucks axles.

Caney Creek And New Caney Fire Departments were dispatched to the scene along with MCHD. When they arrived Brenda Craig, a history teacher at Moorhead Junior High School, was pinned in the drivers seat. Firefighters worked about ten minutes to free her. Craig was taken to Hermann Hospital in the Woodlands with a slight head injury and a possible broken leg. She was talking to medics all through the extrication from the vehicle.

The driver of the truck has been identified as Nelson Alonso Rodriguez, 32.

According to a witness behind Craig the light for Old Houston was green as Craig passed through the intersection.

Milstead Heavy Duty removed the truck from the scene as Slinky’s Wrecker was tasked with picking up the Ford and the trail of pieces and parts.

Masters Environmental was dispatched to clean the spilled diesel in the ditch.



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