December 7, 2022 7:48 pm

Posted: 6.7.2021 22:15


AT 7:20 pm a Kia Sportage was northbound on Valley Ranch Drive in New Caney. A Federal Express 18-wheeler was westbound on the SH-99 feeder. The Sportage was t-boned by the 18-wheeler on the passenger side. The force of the impact threw the KIA into a pond at the intersection. Porter firefighters cut the female driver out. She was transported to Memorial Hermann Woodlands in critical condition. The truck driver suffered a leg injury. He was also transported. After the impact, the truck traveled almost 500-feet before stopping. It also left a trail of motor oil. HAZMAT teams are on the scene cleaning it. The intersection remains closed until at least 11 pm. Troopers remain on the scene investigation. The truck was equipped with a dashcam which showed the female driver of the KIA Sportage ran the red light. The westbound entrance to the Grand Parkway from Valley Ranch remains closed until at least midnight. In addition, motorists approaching the intersection must abide by the traffic lights as many are running it with several near misses happening.

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