Just before 3:00 p.m. Splendora Fire Department was dispatched to a grass and woods fire on Oak Wood at Creekwood. When they arrived on the scene wind blown flames were quickly moving to the south through grass and trees and heading directly for an abandon home and then heavy woods.

Chief Ray Vaden, as a precaution,  requested a second alarm bringing in Caney Creek, New Caney and Porter. However, the first crews on the scene were able to stop it before it advanced further allowing some of the equipment to return to service before they arrived.

The fire which is under investigation by the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office appeared to have started in a trash pile in the front yard of another abandon home.  If the fire had gotten into the heavy woods, the next stopping point would have been at SH 242 and US 59.



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  1. ginger2402

    I would like to Thank the Splendora Fire Department for their quick response. My parents live across the street and just built a new house. We were all very worried that it would spread to their house.

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