2-year old dead in crash

Just after noon today Michael Shannon, of Hull Texas was northbound on FM 770  in his 2008 Dodge 1500. Candace Tanner, 26,of Raywood, Texas was also northbound on FM 770  in a 2002 Honda and was stopped, waiting to turn onto CR 160. That’s when Shannon ran into the rear of Tanners vehicle.

Candace Tanner was flown to Hermann Hospital in Houston where she is in stable condition. Heather Tanner, 24 of San Antonio was also in the front seat and was flown to Hermann Hospital in Houston with internal injuries. Heather Tanners daughter, 2-year-old Shaelyn Ann, was pronounced dead at the scene by Liberty County Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Ronnie Davis and was transported to Allison Funeral Home in Liberty.

No charges have been filed as of yet but the investigation is continuing.

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  1. copeland

    Such a tragedy for these two young women and this poor baby, who lost her life in this accident. i know all who read this site are praying for them and the terrible loss they have endured.
    We all have to watch what we are doing while driving AND what other people are doing as well! I was just in a wreck and injured at 7:20 in the morning on 2/13/2012 here in Huntsville when a man executed a last-minute, unsignalled left hand turn into oncoming traffic (My vehicle!), then he hit a lady at the nearest stop sign! I strongly suspect he was drunk or impaired with a hangover and we missed catching him! I have since found out that he has TWO DWI convictions, and one of those was for a DWI on Easter Sunday 4/8/2012 at 6AM IN THE MORNING!!!!! So watch out for the drunks 24/7 THEY ARE OUT THERE!!! I’m praying he get’s his 3rd and some time before he kills someone!!

  2. texaswc

    No, not a reminder to slow down and be careful, he could have been doing the speed limit or even less .. But, this IS a reminder to pay attention and keep your mind on the road, your driving, and everything going on around you .. I also think he will probably get charged with vehicular manslaughter since it was daytime, clear weather, and probably was either texting, reading a text, playing with his stereo, or some other distraction, OR just flat out didn’t pay attention to the road ahead of him…..

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