MARCH 23, 2007
A 24-year-old woman is starting to recall just what happened last week when she nearly lost her life in an unsuccessful fight to save her baby.
Alicia Ross, who was hit in the head with a hammer and stabbed repeatedly, is slowly recovering but remains afraid since the March 23 attack at her Liberty County home. She was hospitalized for six days under an alias and has declined to make any public statements since her release on Wednesday.
Yet her story has now been revealed in a sworn affidavit used to arrest the baby’s father, Mario Lavell Cockerham, on charges of aggravated assault and capital murder. The murder charge stems from the death of Ross’ 6-month-old daughter, Jenna, who was pronounced dead at the scene.
The affidavit, which is signed by Texas Ranger Grover Huff, identifies Cockerham as a reluctant father who was behind the attacks.
Cockerham, a 25-year-old welder married to another woman in Houston, had a “conflict” with Ross after a paternity test identified him as Jenna’s father, according to the affidavit.
It then details an elaborate effort in which Cockerham, wearing socks on his hands, allegedly tries to rid himself of his second family. His daughter is suffocated with a pillow or bedclothing and Ross is nearly killed, the affidavit stated.
Cockerham is being held in the Liberty County jail without bond and could not be reached for comment.
Doctors had to work around the clock to save Ross’ life.
On Wednesday, although still recuperating, she was allowed to return home so that she might attend her daughter’s funeral the next day.
Dayton Police Sgt. Doug O’Quinn , a lead investigator, said the mother “has a long road ahead of her and is very much still traumatized.” She is coping with a serious brain injury and the stab wounds to her head, face, shoulder, back and chest that have already required several surgeries, O’Quinn said.
Jenna’s father was not permitted to attend her funeral.
O’Quinn said Ross was very protective and tried to be a “good mother” to both her children, Jenna and 6-year-old Johnathon Denson. The boy was found asleep in a second bedroom and was not aware of the attack, investigators said.
Ross and her children were living in a small brick house in the Dayton Public Housing Project on Glendale, across the street from a house that that was leveled recently from an explosion after a natural gas leak.
On the night of the attack, she and her children were asleep when she reported being in her darkened bedroom and awakened by someone who knocked her unconscious by striking her in the head with a hammer, the affidavit said.
The affidavit said she also recalled her attacker had socks on his hands and was attempting to choke her.
When she regained consciousness, she recognized Cockerham because a bathroom light had been turned on. The affidavit stated she then saw him trying to suffocate their daughter with pillows or bedclothing.
Ross and Cockerham then became embroiled in a struggle during which he stabbed her over and over, according to the affidavit.
During the ordeal, Cockerham told her that he was angry at his being named Jenna’s father, the statement said.
Her sister, Dynetta Laviene, stated in the affidavit that Cockerham had been dating Ross for two or three years and had a key to her home.
Somehow Ross, covered in blood, managed to break free and run next door for help, the affidavit said.
Her neighbor, Shana Marie Pruett, who called 911, said Ross told her, “He killed my kids. Call the cops.” Pruett said Ross identified the person as “My baby’s daddy.”
However, by the time police arrived, Ross was so weak that she was “unable to communicate” with them.
Investigators then discovered Jenna’s lifeless body lying face down on the bed in one bedroom, which had “a large amount of blood on the bed, walls, ceiling, door and floor — all signs of a violent struggle,” the statement said.
Preliminary autopsy results indicate Jenna’s death was caused by “suffocation.” Dr. Patricia Moore with the Southeast Texas Forensic Center in Conroe said a final report will not be issued until toxicology tests are complete in several weeks.
Cockerham was arrested this week at his home in Houston.


MARCH 23, 2008

March 23, 2013
Just after 5:30 a.m. this morning Kevin Golden, 40, a resident of Roman Forest was heading eastbound on SH 105 just past Old 105. It was raining heavily at the time. As he came down the overpass his truck went into the westbound lanes and into the path of a family of four,

Jennifer Clouse, 27, of Cleveland was driving the families 2000 Volkswagen Jetta taking her husband Nathan to work in Conroe. Riding in the back seat with them was their son Jorden, age 6 and their daughter Bailey, age 8.

The Jetta slammed into the passenger door of the 2003 Dodge Ram pickup flipping it upside down, The engine was thrown from the truck.

Another driver who was westbound on 105 did not see the engine in the rain and the dark and slammed into it driving the engine further down the road. His vehicle was heavily damaged but he was not injured. Another vehicle then slammed into one of the wheels that had broken off the pickup. Seconds later another, what was described as a Dodge pickup slammed into the engine. That driver got out of the vehicle, inspected the damage on his truck and without regard to the people involved in the crash, got in his vehicle and left the scene.

When MCHD arrived on the scene the entire Clouse family in the vehicle was deceased. Golden who was trapped was cut out by Cut and Shoot and Splendora Firefighters. Due to weather conditions, a Medical Helicopter was unavailable and Golden was transported in critical condition to Hermann Hospital in Houston.

SH 105 was closed until almost 1 p.m. for the investigation of the crash. Montgomery County Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts said in his ten years of service to East Montgomery County, this was by far the worst he had seen and the most fatalities in a single event. Judge Metts ordered McNutt Funeral Directors to transport the victims to the Montgomery County Forensic Center.

DPS Troopers from Montgomery County investigated the crash scene with the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office Vehicular Crimes Unit. A Houston DPS Trooper along with Assistant District Attorney Waren Diepraam was at Hermann Hospital to interview Golden.

DPS does not believe alcohol was a factor in this crash but the weather did play a part.

During the initial stages of the crash, many vehicles went around the scene and continued on. DPS would like to talk to any of those drivers who may have seen something.

MARCH 23, 2013
An employee of Wheeling High Load Experts was working with an escort crew Saturday afternoon close to 1 p.m. when he came into contact with Centerpoint power lines carrying over 19,000 volts. According to Magnolia Police Department Sgt. Lopez, he and his units were on patrol on Buddy Riley Blvd when they saw a large blue flash. They immediately responded to where a high load was being moved through town en route to Monterey, Mexico. Several weeks ago a similar load was going through the City of Magnolia when it became hung on the railroad signals on FM 1774 at FM 1488. In that incident, a southbound freight train crashed into the load creating a traffic nightmare as schools were just leaving out.

To avoid that crossing the load was re-routed one block south onto Buddy Riley Blvd. The paved city road runs in front of the Fire Station and City hall.

According to Lopez the load had a vehicle in front with a mast to determine the height of obstacles. It was followed by a bucket truck owned by Wheeling. With a driver in the driver’s seat another employee was in the bucket elevated. His job was to raise power lines, cable lines and traffic signals to allow the load to pass.

Somehow the operator in the bucket made contact with the power lines causing not just a blue flash but the yet unidentified male to catch fire in that bucket. When police arrived he was still on fire. The bucket was quickly lowered and the fire extinguisher.

Due to weather conditions, Life Flight was not able to respond to the scene. MCHD crews assisted by a Magnolia firefighter transported the victim to Hermann Hospital in Houston.

An investigation continues into the incident.

There has not been an update on the victim who was severely burned.

MARCH 23, 2014
Just after 10:15 pm Sunday Cut and Shoot Fire Department was dispatched to a three vehicle major accident with entrapment at Goode City Road and SH 105 East between Security and Cleveland.

When they arrived they found the crash on the bridge over Jay Hawker Creek. Crews called for a total of four MCHD ambulances and requested PHI Air Medical be dispatched to the scene. Splendora Fire Department was also dispatched to assist.

As crews worked on a 2000 Cadilac Escalade to free the female driver, a male adult passenger, and three little girls. Cut and Shoot Fire Fighters were busy trying to free 30-year-old Jackie Glass of Magnolia, Glass was in a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban. With heavy front end damage, she was trapped from the waist down. Cut and Shoot crews spent over an hour trying to free her. At times firefighters were having to balance themselves on the bridge railing with a twenty-foot drop below. She was finally freed and firefighters discovered a small dog in her lap which was in very bad condition. Another small dog lies dead at her feet. She was transported to Memorial Hermann in the Woodlands in critical condition with a broken arm, pelvis, and leg along with internal injuries.

Splendora crews assisted MCHD in stabilizing 28-year-old Leticia Benton who was driving the Escalade. Her male passenger who has not yet been identified and three small girls ages 3,4, and 9. The 3-year-old was very critical with a head injury and was flown to Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston by PHI Air Medical. The other children, the male passenger and Benton were transported I to Conroe Regional Hospital in critical condition.

Palemon Gallegos-Hernandez, 23, of Cleveland was not injured seriously but was transported along with his passenger Brisa Gallegos age 20 and a back seat passenger Nayber Gutierrez 18, of Cleveland to Kingwood Hospital. They were in a 2002 Ford Explorer.

According to DPS who investigated the crash, Glass was westbound on SH 105 and for unknown reasons crossed the center line striking the Escalade left front to the left front. Glass’ truck came to rest on the eastbound bridge railing. The Escalade came to rest on the westbound bridge rail. The road is extremely dark when the driver of the Explorer, unstable to see the Escalade partially in the westbound lane Hernandez struck the rear of the Escalade spinning it one hundred eighty degrees.

The road reopened at 3 am.

Ironically Sunday marked the one year anniversary of the crash that killed a family of four just one hundred yards down the road.

It happened at 5:30 am when Kevin Golden of Roman Forest lost control of his pickup on the rain-slick road. He struck a Volkswagen Jetta driven by Jennifer Clouse, 27 of Cleveland.

Jennifer had gotten up early with her two children Jorden, age 6 and her daughter Bailey, age 8. She was driving her husband Nathan to work.

All four members of the Clouse family perished in the crash. Golden was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

The rain was so intense and the road so dark that another vehicle not able to see the scene slammed into the engine that was broken away from the pickup in the crash.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and The Texas Department of Public Safety investigated the crash.

Witnesses said the rain was so heavy that it looked like a river coming down the roadway from the overpass.

The District Attorney’s Office did not file any charges but it was sent to the Montgomery County Grand Jury. After the jury panel heard the evidence they found no criminal act had been committed and no-billed Golden in the crash.

MARCH 23, 2015
About 2 am a 2004 PT Cruiser was traveling north on North Houston Rosslyn just in front of the Woodland Trails Subdivision when the driver turned left onto Woodfern into the subdivision. A Nissan Altima was southbound on North Houston Rosslyn and slammed into the PT Cruiser causing it to roll. The PT Cruiser then struck a power pole knocking power out to the area. The driver of the Nissan sustained minor injuries. The driver of the PT Cruiser was transported to Ben Taub Hospital in serious condition with several broken bones. A male passenger in that PT Cruiser died on impact.

Houston Police remain on the scene investigating the crash. Centerpoint Energy will then need to make repairs to the pole before power can be restored.

It is expected for North Houston Rosslyn to be closed until at least 6 or 7 am. The road is the main artery between SH 249 and NW Freeway by way of Bingle Road.

Drivers need to use Fairbanks N, Houston to US 290 or Antoine Drive to US 290 if you normally use North Houston Rosslyn to Bingle.

MARCH 23, 2015
Lone Star Executive Airport Unveils Runway
Numerous state and local dignitaries were on hand for a ribbon-cutting at Lone Star Executive Airport in Conroe in celebration of the opening of a runway extension that will help to advance the airport’s goal of becoming a major hub for both domestic and international business travel. The group that gathered included everyone from Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage, Commissioners Jim Clark and Charley Riley, to a representative from US Congressman Kevin Brady’s office.

Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal said the $17 million projects represented a tremendous opportunity for the City of Conroe and Montgomery County.

“It will enhance our opportunities for economic development,” Doyal said. “It’s a perfect complement to the Tech Park and the Industrial Park that the city has.”

Continuing to move forward with a customs facility will bring international flights to Lone Star Airport, and the new extended runway is a “huge factor” in that, he said.

Doyal and later others heaped praise upon Judy Campbell who donated land to allow extension of the runway when procurement of property for such projects is often the biggest hurdle. The judge also praised designer Fox Engineering and Webber, LLC, the contractor that built the project.

For Doyal, the airport and its growth hold special meaning.

“Dad used to fly out of the airport in the early 50’s, and said but for the fact that a lot of people used to think flying was for Buck Rogers, we could’ve been Houston Intercontinental,” Doyal said.

He also thanked the Airport Advisory Board members, and also TxDOT for their roles in the airport’s progress, with the tower and the runway extension. Doyal also thanked Airport Director Scott Smith, who he said has done a “tremendous job for a very long time.”

He also praised longtime Precinct 2 Commissioner Mike Meador who has been at the center of the projects that have expanded and upgraded the airport far beyond what many once thought possible.

“I’m excited about the growth in Montgomery County, and I’m proud as I can be to be a part of this ribbon cutting today,” Doyal said.

Commissioner Meador began by saying Judge Doyal was a hard act to follow and had already said most of what he wanted to say. He continued saying how fortunate Montgomery County residents are to have what was needed to make the airport project possible, including a Commissioners Court that has been “passionate and very believing” in the project.

“TxDOT had approved a 7,000-foot runway,” Meador said. “The court had the vision to go ahead and add 500 feet to it, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but in airport construction, it’s quite a bit.”

Meador said plans were in the works to go out for bids on a new customs facility in a few months.

“It’s been coming for years,” he said.

Construction is underway to extend League Line Road from SH 75 to the airport and to make a perimeter road with the airport property so that once someone enters the airport, they can go anywhere necessary without leaving the property.

Dave Fulton became Director of TxDOT Aviation 24 years ago, and Meador became a Montgomery County Commissioner the following year. The men have shared a wonderful relationship ever since Meador said.

Likewise, Fulton said Meador had been a huge part of the airport’s growth.

“This airport will soon be, in my mind, the airport for corporate business aviation, certainly in the North Houston area, if not the whole Houston area,” Fulton said.

Scott smith, he said, is one of the best airport managers in the state. Fulton said he has no plans to retire and hopes Smith doesn’t either.

“This airport has only just begun,” Fulton said.

MARCH 23, 2016
Today, in the 221st District Court in Montgomery County, Texas, a jury sentenced an intoxicated driver to the maximum punishment allowed by law.  The Defendant, Alejandro Guzman-Lopez was charged with two counts of Intoxication Manslaughter, two counts of Aggravated Assault, and four counts of Failure to Stop and Render Aid, all resulting from a horrific crash on May 17, 2015, on Highway 59 in Eastern Montgomery County  The Texas Department of Public Safety investigated the crash.

This week, prosecutors presented evidence as to how the crash occurred over the course of several days.  Evidence was also presented that the defendant fled the scene after causing the crash, but was caught by a good Samaritan a short distance from the scene.  The defendant had a BAC of .18, along with cocaine and alcohol in his system when the crash occurred.  Bradly and Shea Frazier (husband and wife) were killed in the crash and their minor children (ages 2 and 5 weeks) were injured.

The trial started Monday of this week.  On Tuesday, the defendant pled guilty to all eight charges and the punishment phase began.  The punishment phase concluded today and the jury reached their verdict on sentencing around 12:30 pm.  The jury assessed the follow sentences in each count:

Count 1) Intoxication Manslaughter (for the death of Bradly Frazier) – 20 Years in Prison (the max) and a $10,000.00 fine (the max)

Count 2) Intoxication Manslaughter (for the death of Shea Frazier) – 20 Years in Prison (the max) and a $10,000.00 fine (the max)

Count 3) Aggravated Assault (for injury to a child) – 20 Years in Prison (the max) and a $10,000.00 fine (the max)

Count 4) Aggravated Assault (for injury to a child) – 20 Years in Prison (the max) and a $10,000.00 fine (the max)

Count 5) Failure to Stop & Render Aid (for the death of Bradley Frazier) – 20 Years in Prison (the max) and a $10,000.00 fine (the max)

Count 6) Failure to Stop & Render Aid (for the death of Shea Frazier) – 20 Years in Prison (the max) and a $10,000.00 fine (the max)

Count 7) Failure to Stop & Render Aid (for injury at a child) – 5 Years in Prison (the max) and $5,000 fine (the max)

Count 8) Failure to Stop & Render Aid (for injury at a child) – 5 Years in Prison (the max) and $5,000 fine (the max)

As allowed by law, the State filed a motion to stack the sentences in Counts 1 and 2, which Judge Lisa Michalk granted following the juries sentencing.  This means that the defendants were ultimately given a 40-year sentence and will not be eligible for parole until he serves at least 20 years.  If and when he paroles, he will be deported to his home country of Mexico.

Over this week several people took the stand and today Guzman-Lopez took the stand.  Guzman-Lopez grew up in a very violent area of Mexico and said he didn’t want to go back. He came to the United States illegally and was working at a mechanic shop cleaning up. He would send his earnings to his parents in Mexico.

He admitted to using cocaine just prior to the weekend of the crash. On the day of the crash, he was at a flea market and then went to a friend’s house in the  Channelview area and had been drinking. He said he didn’t feel drunk so he started to drive home to where he lived in Houston.  He said he became lost and realized he was intoxicated when he turned the GPS on. That’s when he said he realized he was speeding because he was getting dizzy. He was also texting and arguing with his girlfriend when he slammed into the back of the Frazier’s Ford Explored on US 59 northbound near FM 2090 in Splendora.

He said he ended up in the ditch and the airbag hit him making him feel unconscious. He was able to squeeze out the door which would barely open and went for his phone. That’s when a beer from fell out of the vehicle from the night before.  Even though nobody testified he even tried to help he told the jury he tried to open the door on the Frazier vehicle but they were jammed. He said he thought they were unconscious.  He said he was scared and ran.  After being tackled and held for police by a good samaritan. An officer told him they were dead. Lopez said prior to the crash he had been involved in five other crashes over time. He had no Texas driver’s license but did have a Mexican driver’s license in his possession. HE said the only other thing he had done was steal a pair of Air Jordans but was caught. Then he said he pled guilty because it was the right thing to do. Not once during the time that he was on the stand did he say he was sorry it happened.

MARCH 23, 2016
At 4 pm Wednesday deputies from Montgomery County Precinct 1, 2 and 4 along with Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputies, State Troopers and Game Wardens left Montgomery County Precinct One Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack’s Office in search of wanted suspects. In hand were lists totaling 500 people which are part of the ones causing the 10,000 warrant back log in the court. Soon after officers started to return with suspects in cuffs. Judge Mack spoke with each one. Some reduced fines were paid, some went to jail. Mack tried to work with each person that came through the court. Many had just ignored the notices, others didn’t have the money. Many were for driving with an invalid license. Judge Mack said many of those would have been eligible to work a work permit allowing them to drive. Although it is restricted to hours set by the court after consulting with the driver on hours he works. Mack said the cost is quite less than the close to $1000 fine which could be imposed for driving while license invalid. Many warrants were cleared tonight and the tally will come in Friday morning. Judge Mack said anyone who has a warrant out in his court or any other court should call as arrangements can be made.

MARCH 23, 2019
11:20 am Saturday morning Conroe Police responded to a motorcycle crash on FM 3083 at I-45. MCHD transported the male motorcycle driver who was alone on the 2013 Harley Davidson to Conroe Regional Hospital where is was pronounced deceased. According to multiple witnesses, the motorcycle was westbound at a high rate of speed. The driver disregarded the stoplight on the Southbound I-45 feeder and hit a Ford F-250 pickup which had been southbound and making a left turn to travel east on FM 3083. The driver of the motorcycle has been identified as Todd Robson, 39, of Conroe according to Sgt. Allen with the Conroe Police Department. Robson was on the way to meet friends for a Saturday ride. When he didn’t show they started looking for him and ran up on the scene.

MARCH 23, 2019
About 8:50 pm a DPS Trooper called out for an assist and shots fired. He stated he had just shot a suspect. One person has been transported from the scene on FM 1488 at Westwood to Memorial Hermann Hospital with what is said to be non-life-threatening injuries. At this time the scene which is behind Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen in the 5600 block of FM 1488 at Westwood is taped off with DPS and MCSO units on the scene. A Texas Ranger is en route along with the Montgomery County District Attorneys Office Investigators. The Trooper is not injured. We will update as soon as we have additional details.

MARCH 23, 2020
Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon addresses the residents of Montgomery County as resident s start hearing rumors of LOCKDOWN, and MARTIAL LAW. He said it will not happen in Montgomery County. He also addressed how the Sheriff is keeping new inmates from the current population to prevent any chance of a COVID-19 in the jail. A lot of the misdemeanor cases where someone was in a short time were released. This brought the population down enough to keep the two groups completely isolated. Ligon said some new cases such as drugs in small quantities are being seized, the information is logged on the person who had possession and it is put in evidence. Once the Emergency is over warrants will be issued for those individuals. The Grand Jury has agreed to stay on past their term and will hear over 100 cases on Tuesday. In addition to assault cases, violent crimes, that person will be arrested and charged. He also stated since we are under an Emergency Declaration and someone decides to burglarize a business or another facility that is closed the charge will be enhanced on a degree. NO MARTIAL LAW IN MONTGOMERY COUNTY NOR WILL THERE BE, ROADS WILL NOT BE SHUT DOWN NOR WILL ANYONE AT GUNPOINT ORDER YOU TO STAY IN YOUR HOME. Ligon said to continue to act is you are going to your grocery store or pharmacy. He assured residents the is no law enforcement officer that is come to your house today, tomorrow or the next day and enforces a restriction that makes you stay at home in Montgomery County. Ligon said not to look to neighbors such as Dallas or Harris Counties as a barometer to what is going to happen in Montgomery County. Ligon said that County Judge Keough is adopting procedures set forth by the CDC. If this does not continue on the bar and restaurant order will be lifted on April 2nd. He is still pushing for compliance in the orders in place which are working.

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