298 dogs and the work begins

After spending most of Tuesday in Willis seizing 298 dogs from a shelter on Calvary Road officials today started the next phase of their work. The last dog was removed at 6 a.m. Wednesday morning. Immediately after vets started the examination process of many of the dogs. Attached is a video from today.  What was thought to be close to be over three hundred pit bulls was reduced by about ten-percent today after during the overnight seizure other breeds of dogs were found in the two story home. Officials had a difficult tie retrieving them as the ammonia odor from urine was so intense. The story will be posted later tonight.



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  1. texasflair

    @ Robyn Texas aka: Leah Troll……OR LEAH’S BFF…no one dumped their dogs!!!!!! You don’t pay good money to dump a dog……..People that don’t LOVE their dogs would not pay this kind of money to help them, do you understand??? Leah is the one who was PROVIDING this service…it was her BUSINESS….if Leah didn’t want to be in the business she was in, she shouldn’t have been in it…. Most of the dogs that were taken there I can assure you were brought by people who were trying to help a DUMPED DOG!!!!!! And what does the state we live in have anything to do with this??? Most residences frown upon having Pit Bulls….most shelters will put them to sleep. You probably don’t have a Pit do you or a PET! And what state do you live in or rock do you live under not to know this??

  2. Robyn Texas

    I read time and time again “….had to take my dog to Spindletop; …could not keep my dog….no where to put my dog.” etc. What state is it that you live in, where dogs are not allowed? Go live in a cave if you have to, but keep your dog with you!! Quit whining because you DUMPED your dog and somebody else stepped up!!

    Yes, Leah was in over her head, but that is no excuse for the people dumping their dogs on her. Do a couple of years of rescue before you “rake her over the coals.”

    And I agree with KASH, let’s see ALL the dogs.

  3. SSargent

    People keep saying she was a good person and did the best she could and she was unable financially to care for them due to weather issues and she really loved them.

    I say that if she was charging the outrageous rates people claim, she should have been fine doing this and had enough money. If she did find that she was over her head, a LOVING person would have begun trying to place the animals with other agencies or contacted the media and explained her situation to get them adopted out. If she knew she was unable to care for 50, she shouldnt have continued to accept them. The fact that she wasnt allowing folks to tour the property means she knew damn well she was doing something wrong!!!

  4. texasflair

    @Ms.Dawn, are you seriously taking up for Leah??? I hope and pray that you do not have a rescue or a shelter for animals and if you don’t, that you NEVER WILL. There is NO excuse for how this horrible person has treated these poor dogs. NONE! She was getting GOOD money to take care of the dogs she had accepted and had no intention of following through with the promises she had made. I wish nothing but the worst for every single person involved in the mistreatment of these seized animals. I rescued a beautiful dog that was abandoned and I could not keep him, because I already had 4 large dogs, but I knew I wanted to help him get adopted….he was BEAUTIFUL and I searched high and low for an agency that would help him and came across this Spindletop. And for the right amount of money…..$750, Leah had one space left in her placement to rescue program… She filled my head up with lies…..and promised to have him fixed and trained and eventually adopted out. She told me I could come and visit and maybe even take other dogs down to the lake and so on and so on….but those were just lies….it took over a month for her to finally allow me to come back and visit him and when I did, IT BROKE MY HEART…..he looked horrible….skinny….dirty (feces stains)…red sores on his body…and he wasn’t the same dog….he had not been fixed…he had not been given any training…. I left there in tears and knew I had to get him back and I did….but severe damage was already done to him… I will never forgive them for this and I am praying every day these tortured dogs will have someone care and love them…..

  5. MsDawn

    I want to point out that Leah took in animals that no one else would help. Those of us in rescue know it only takes a couple hrs for kennels/cages get messy quickly.

    I also want to say that the bottom dog Sandman came in with a skin condition that he had his whole life. And he scratches himself raw. Leah had NOTHING to do with his skin. Leah was treating him for the skin condition.

    I know their is alot of politics and back stabbing in rescue. How about we all get off our (PROFANITY) and help her?

  6. kj2104

    Just out of curiosity @Kash did you take your dog to this lady because you couldn’t keep it anymore? Or did they go to the pound and she rescued them? I notices alot of people have posted that there animals where at this place. I’m not a pitbull fan by all means, but no animal deserves to be treated in this manner. I also notices that she has several breeds of dogs….. So sad poor dogs!

  7. Crazyottojr

    I believe from what I have heard and know first hand, Leah may be in a great deal of trouble. The photos and the proof from the graves will tell it all. There is a story in the chronicle of a woman who was told in writing (letter from Leah) that her rescued pit had been adopted. It apparently was found in the mass grave. If this turns out to be true Leah would /should go to jail. At least she should never be allowed to handle dogs again.Those militant supporters better get their story straight. There has been a lot talking smack to those of us who questioned her business practices and canine care.

  8. MsDawn

    I am worried about how hard it is gonna be to get the dogs back. Many of us thought the animals were in good hands.

    The human society doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to Pitbulls. I hate to see a mass euthaniza in the near future.

    I am also wondering why help wasn’t offered if the rescue was in trouble before it got to this point.

  9. nikki6

    Look at all of those precious babies! That woman “running” that place should be treated the same way these poor babies were.

  10. Kash

    Since you guys are filming, get down to dog level, film ALL of the dogs so we can see if our dogs are there and save us a lot of heartache. Film slowly, film so we can see the dogs, and let us look via facebook. Don’t film standing up as you cannot see clearly into the crates.

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