2PM UPDATE ON FAtal accident

FM1488 is closed down to one lane between Magnolia and FM 2978. Magnolia Police stopped a vehicle matching the description of a vehicle involved in a robbery in Harris County. They detained the suspect and as they did the passenger in that vehicle slid into the drivers seat and drove off. An attempt to locate was issued and moments later spotted eastbound on FM1488. DPS Troopers who were in the area were able to get behind it. At that point the vehicle sped up to speeds of almost 100 mph. Another DPS Trooper was able to spike the vehicle. At that point the vehicle lost control and started flipping, going through a fence and into the woods.  The driver was pronounced dead at the scene. A approximately three month old child was in the vehicle and has been Life Flighted to Hermann Hospital in Houston.

The accident investigation could take several hours. Please try to avoid the area as traffic is at almost a stand still.

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  1. texascowgirl1962

    Thank goodness the baby is alive, that’s the last that I heard. Why have a baby in the car if you are going to do something as stupid as that, just don’t understand.

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