3 escape juvenile detention center in downtown Houston, guard beaten

A guard was beaten when three juveniles – one charged with capital murder — escaped a juvenile detention center last night in downtown Houston. Tom Brooks, director of the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department, said one juvenile attacked the guard got his keys and radio. That escaped juvenile then unlocked the cell door for two others. They went downstairs and escaped outside. All three are still on the run. One is a capital murder suspect and the two others are charged with aggravated robbery. The guard was hospitalized, but was later released. No descriptions were provided.

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  1. mlg1969

    Chickenlips, all I see from you is probation this, probation that,.. What they really need for some of theses idiots is a horse and a noose, bandana and a cigarette, . Eye for an eye baby, the way it used to be

    1. mom

      I believe chickenlips is being facitious & sarcastic. He is speaking “tongue-in-beak”, using humor to repeatedly bring attention to the fact that serious crimes are not being appropriately punished.
      please correct me if I misinterpreted your posts.

  2. texascowgirl1962

    Just what we need is some hard core juvenile delinquents out on the street’s picking up where they left off before being arrested.

  3. TG

    Why weren’t descriptions given? It isn’t like they don’t know who these pillars of the ghetto are. They should have their names, addresses where they “stay at”, complete descriptions including details of their “tats” and pictures of their ugly mugs as well as who their baby momma is.

  4. chickenlips

    Don`t matter what their names are or how dangerous they are to the community at all. The “SYSTEM” is still going to only give them probation. Follow it and see.
    Because they are fine young men from wonderful homes!! Or, some other PUKEY excuse!!
    Makes me sick! Just keep your gun handy and watch your surroundings at ALL times. Exterminate if necessary!

  5. michelle227

    This is an area where ‘protections’ for juveniles have to frustrate BOTH media and law enforcement since they claim they cannot identify juveniles precisely BECAUSE they are juveniles…never mind that they appear to be quite dangerous juveniles whose current presence in the community threatens the safety OF that community.

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