The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office arrested four people who investigators believe burglarized the Specialty Steel Supply Company in June 2013.

Combined efforts between the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Burglary and Theft Detective Unit, Harris County Pct. 4 Constables Office and the Katy Police Department, have resulted in the recovery of over three hundred thousand dollars ($300.000) worth of stolen material.

An intensive investigation cumulated with the arrest of 4 people and the recovery of some of the metal as far away as West Virginia. The arrests were made in various areas of the Houston/Harris area. One person remains at-large and is wanted. Other criminal charges are possible.

Ivan-Delacruz-Hernandez was arrested on July 2, 2013 .  On July 18, 2013 he  plead  guilty to the theft charge in the 221st District Court and has been sentenced to TDCJ. He also has an ICE detainer on him.

MCSO contribute to recovery of expensive alloy steel

Ivan Yarid DeLaCruz-Hernandez


10580 Hammerly #2424

F1 Theft >$200,000

BOND- No Bond



MCSO contribute to recovery of expensive alloy steel

Jesus Serafin Rojas

331 Lang Road #6

Houston, Tx


F1 Theft >$200,000

BOND- $500,000



MCSO contribute to recovery of expensive alloy steel

Wilmer Navarro Orante


9220 Nathaniel #360

Houston, Tx.

Theft of property over $200,000

Bond $500,000

ICE hold for immigration



MCSO contribute to recovery of expensive alloy steel

Geovannie Hernandes-Reyes


10580 Hammerly Blvd. #2022

Houston, Tx.

Theft of Property Enhanced

Bond $500,000

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  1. LocalDrifter

    Oh, now I see how it is around here and and the repressive tyranny inherent in the system. My spirit will not be dashed. My voice will be heard! Time to gather some spray cans and take freedom of speech to the Underpasses of Montgomery County! (Didn’t Clint Eastwood make a movie about them?


  2. LocalDrifter

    What i’ve discovered, LazyCop, is you can leave swear words with abandon here and the comment goes to press but lay mention to which Crayon out of the box the composite sketch gets rendered with turns the submission as if it were written using invisible ink.

    1. Jamie Nash

      As hilarious and creative as some of your remarks are, sometimes they cross a line and can’t be shared.
      You’re too intelligent to not to understand the reasoning.

  3. LazyCop

    Any one of them would slit your thoat in a New York minute…hardened, brazen, dumb as heck , let’s roll D.A. get them into prison.

  4. LazyCop

    We are so lucky to have the MCPR to fill in these informational gaps by our local so called news experts…you guys are now my home page ! Don’t hold back…keep telling like it you see it, not sugar coated for the feel good herd. Some of my posts that you have rejected needed rejection and I thank you for that..

  5. LazyCop

    And these are the folks that Congress wants to cater to and make citizens of our Country….what now,,lay around some ICE holding center and then be sent back to Mexico…so they can return later and kill one of us….put them away and let them rot, impeach any legislator that wants this trash to be my fellow American…

  6. LocalDrifter

    My observations weren’t as harsh as these two yet my post disappeared into the ether. I’d like to think the over lords are correcting my spelling but as I am an excellent speller something else nefarious must be at play here.

  7. copeland

    Send them back to Mexico, they’ll just come right back over the border! Put them in TDCJ and we all get to pay for their upkeep! Too bad they just didn’t get shot!

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