What makes people have such hate in their heart? I have often asked and wondered the same, myself. Many years of being a cop, a fireman, a human being have left me bewildered at times at what a man can do to another. The sheer evil which dwells in the hearts of some…it is staggering, at times.
A man can be a Husband to his Wife. A Daddy to his two little girls. A Veteran, whom served his Country in one of the most violent and bloody wars of all wars, the War in Vietnam. A man who could come home, be productive..havea family, many friends and a good career as a Deputy Sheriff for Liberty County, Texas.
All the while, such a man would soon realize, “Hmmmm, I am married, with a family and I am a cop….I gotta go work extra jobs to pay the light bill. Like right now.” He’d not want to leave his family, his friends, his home…but he would. Because he was completely and totally dedicated to those very people and things he loved, so dearly. With all of his heart, in fact, he would give all he had to them, for them.
At just 46 years old, such a man would probably be named Will Agy. Just a good guy, as it were. Good to his family. His friends. His community. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who thought other wise of ole Will. Even after so many years have passed since that fateful evening on April 5, 1995 in Southwest Houston.
You see, ole Will had found himself an extra job to go work that night. Just like all us cops do. We have bills to pay and mouths to feed too, you know….Yes, we really are human beings. Just like everyone else. So, off to work we go. Then off to our extra job, we go. Somewhere in between or after, we might get to take our boots off and actually hug our significant others and kiddos, for a moment. Until the alarm goes off in a couple of hours (if we lucky) and its back at it all over again.
When Will suited up and went to work that extra job, just like so many of us do, I am sure he had no idea, this was to be his last ride to Houston. His last job to work. The last time he was to ever look upon the faces of his beautiful wife and amazing daughters. Like so many of us on this side of a star, it is what it is and, it is what we do.
But, it was to be. Fate had plans, violent and full of hatred as they may have been. They were all too soon to be revealed. Leaving behind many a broken heart and a water shed full of tears, in the wake of bullets fired from a gun. In a haze of burnt cordite, Will’s life, his soul, would fade away to the Heavens above.
Later, there was to be a Funeral, fit for such a man like Will. His family, many a cop and friends would come to watch the folding of our Nations flag, the same flag for which he and so many like Will had fought for. He loved his Country, his family, his community…These things, above all things, was why Will served his whole adult life. Right up to the moment he was ruthlessly gunned down and murdered from behind by a coward.
Back in the Spring/Summer of 2011 I made Captain at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. Together, we made a lot of strides and accomplished many things during my tenure there. One of those things was to ride to the Houston PD Homicide Division with two LCSO Detectives in tow, and we met with HPD Detectives and staff. Specifically, to meet and confer over the evidence and information surrounding Will’s execution style slaying, while wearing our Liberty County Sheriff’s Office badge and uniform.
While evidence and many a box of reports and photos were extremely difficult to look over, we did so. Not for ourselves, but for Will, for his family, for everyone affected and devastated by this senseless and tragic, violent loss. To date, there remains no suspect, no one clearly identified in this terrible act. No one has served a moment in jail for the heinous, cowardly murder of this great man…no one. Not one damn day served.
It has come to pass, this case is now being brought back into the “Spotlight”. No, no suspects are on the radar. However, a large reward is being offered. With the help of many, like Crime Stoppers and other organizations, $35,000.00 is being offered for ANY information which leads to the identification, location, arrest and conviction of those who were responsible for this reprehensible act of violence.
I will go a step further. I’m good for $1,000.00 of my own money, added to that $35,000. Bringing the current Reward offered to a total of $36,000.00 dollars. This man, Will Agy,
I promise you, he certainly earned and deserves to have his death vindicated. Why if not for him, then for his Wife, children and now, grandchildren, even! I’d sure want such vindication for any of you and you would for me, I’ve no doubt.
A few years ago, one of his daughters wrote to Will on a Wall of Fallen Officers;
“To say, “I miss you Dad.”, is a gross understatement. I know you are just as popular in Heaven as you were here on Earth…so many friends, so magnetic. At 32 and a parent, I can finally grasp some of the lessons you taught me and see the value in them. Specifically, since my kids are “typical boys” aged 6 and 2…where has the time gone?! You taught me the finer points of playing with army men, racing remote control cars, your love of American muscle cars, building robots, you taught me to shoot well and how to bait my own hook while fishing. Aside from all of that, you always had amazing foresight and wisdom. Thanks for showing me how to roll with the punches. It serves me well as a parent. I love you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.”
As Christmas is fast approaching, I cannot help but think of those we’ve lost, like Will Agy, Michael Eakin, my old Partner and so many others. Equally, I think of Damon Allen of DPS and Officer Ken Copeland of San Marcos PD, both of whom were have just laid and are laying to rest, next Wednesday. (Respectively) Long are the Holidays for those who lose and endure such losses. Tears and broken hearts. No lights and presents. An empty chair at the table is such a stoic reminder, bittersweet of love won and love taken.
It is with all of my heart and sincerest love, my “Christmas Wish” as it were, is that someone, somewhere who knows something, comes forward, and finally brings some semblance of Justice for Deputy Sheriff Will Agy (LCSO) and his beloved family. Lord above and all of us know, it has been far to long a time in coming….

DPS Seeks Leads in 1995 Murder of Liberty County Deputy

$35,000 in Rewards Offered to Solve Case
Deputy Wilburn Agy
Deputy Wilburn Agy (deceased)

AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is seeking the public’s help in solving the 1995 murder of Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Deputy Wilburn Junior “Will” Agy, who was shot and killed while acting in an official capacity. As part of the Office of the Governor and Texas Crime Stopper’s Fallen Hero Reward – Texas Remembers program, a reward of up to $20,000 is being offered for information that results in this case being solved. In addition, Crime Stoppers of Houston and The 100 Club of Houston are partnering to offer a reward of up to $10,000, and Multi-County Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $5,000. All tips are guaranteed to be anonymous.

On April 5, 1995, at approximately 11 p.m., Deputy Agy was shot and killed as he was working an extra job as a security officer at a shopping center located near Fondren Road and Sanford Road in southwest Houston. Two masked gunmen entered a video store located at 11092 Fondren Road, and as Agy turned to confront the gunmen, he was fatally shot by one of the unidentified suspects.

Witnesses described the suspects as black males wearing black masks. At the time of the incident, one suspect was described as a 20 to 25-year-old male, approximately 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 6 inches tall. The other suspect was described as approximately 5 feet 10 inches to 5 feet 11 inches tall. According to witnesses, the two gunmen fled on foot and were last seen northbound on Fondren Road.

To be eligible for the cash rewards, anyone with information about the murder of Deputy Agy can provide anonymous tips in three different ways:

Call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477).
Text the letters “DPS”– followed by your tip – to 274637 (CRIMES) from your cell phone.
Submit a tip online:

Created in January 2016, the Fallen Hero Reward program is designed to help generate new investigative leads in unsolved cases involving a Texas law enforcement officer or first responder who was murdered or suffered an incapacitating injury while in the line of duty or while acting in an official capacity. The program is funded by the Governor’s Criminal Justice Division and administered by DPS. For a list of all featured cases, see:

Since there is no statute of limitations on the offense of murder, the state has the moral and statutory obligation to pursue these cases to a successful resolution; or until no other lead is viable.

For any agency that may have an unresolved or cold case that meets the criteria for the Fallen Hero Reward program, please email Texas Crime Stoppers at [email protected]

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