4 charged for roles in underage drunk driving crash that killed Clear Lake mom and baby

KTRK-Four people have been charged for their roles in a deadly drunk driving crash that killed a mother and her infant son in Clear Lake.

Three adults including a bartender and the son of a bar owner are charged with giving margaritas to alleged drunk driver 20-year-old Veronica Rivas at Crescent City Connection Sports & Oyster Bar on 16605 El Camino Real back in February.

Devin Jackson, 24, is the son of the bar’s owner. Jackson is charged with knowingly purchasing and providing alcohol to a minor.

John C. Medina, 23, was also charged with purchasing and providing alcohol to a minor.

Medina was charged with aggravated perjury for lying to a grand jury, as well.

Amy L. Allen, 40, a bartender, is charged with acting with criminal negligence by allowing Rivas and her 17-year-old passenger to drink alcohol at Crescent City.

Allen is also accused of not checking their IDs.

Shayla Joseph, 36, and her son Braylan Jabari Joseph were killed on Feb. 28 when police say Rivas slammed into them at the intersection of I-45 and El Dorado.

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