40 years for repeat offender in Burglary of a Habitation

FORTE,JEREMIAHMARCELAfter being convicted by a Montgomery County jury of Burglary of a Habitation on December 3, 2013, Jeremiah Marcel Forte returned to the 410th District Court and was sentenced to 40 years TDCJ by visiting Judge Reagan Clark. The burglary took place on February 14, 2013 in Panorama, Texas when four friend who were playing golf at the Village of Panorama Golf Club, observed Jeremiah Forte attempting to gain entry into a house by kicking the back door. While one witness contacted the general manager of the club house, the other took pictures capturing what they were observing. Panorama Police Department was immediately notified and within minutes Detective Hightower arrived at the scene. As Detective Hightower made his way to the rear of the house he observed Jeremiah Forte exiting the house while holding a nylon bag. After a brief struggle, Jeremiah Forte was arrested. Upon opening the bag, Detective Hightower discovered loose Bud Light beers, a Verizon MiFi wireless receiver, along with a set of keys, all of which the home owner confirmed were taken from the house.

During the punishment portion, Assistant District Attorney Blake Enax presented evidence that Jeremiah Forte was previously convicted of Robbery in 2012 out of El Paso County, Texas where he served 2 years in prison; along with numerous convictions he received in Arizona. In addition to the previous prison sentence, Judge Clark heard evidence involving two pending Felony charges for Assault of a Public Servant and Harassment by a Person in a Correctional Facility, both occurring in the Montgomery County Jail while Jeremiah Forte awaited trial.

In closing, ADA Enax argued that Jeremiah Forte has repeatedly shown violent tendencies coupled with a disrespect towards law enforcement and the public in general. “The question isn’t IF Jeremiah Forte will return, but rather when, to who will he victimize, and for what”, Mr. Enax stated in closing. Mr. Enax told the court that a lengthy prison sentence is the only way to ensure the safety of the citizens of Montgomery County from Jeremiah Forte.

Judge Reagan Clark sentenced Jeremiah Forte to 40 years TDCJ. Jeremiah Forte was represented by attorney Tay Bond. The two remaining felony charges are still pending in the 410th District Court.

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  1. skyman

    I feel I owe the great state of Texas an apology….. I’m sorry this idiot didnt come into my home while I was watching tv with my family after a hard days work. The state would have saved millions on this idiots incarceration. Have a great 40 years sir..

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