8am- I-45 remains closed southbound at the south Huntsville City Limit after a crash very early this morning that killed three and critically inured two. Early findings by DPS say that a Isuzu Rodeo was broken down on the shoulder of the road and left abandon. A Hyndai passenger car that was southbound slammed into it. That driver was uninjured. A Jeep Patriot which was also southbound appears to have tried to avoid the crash and flipped several times ejecting at least one person. All three back seat passengers died on the scene. A female front seat passenger was transported by Life Flight in critical condition. A male driver of the Patriot was taken to Conroe Regional HE was also critical. DPS Troopers are working now to reopen the roadway. All southbound traffic is being put onto the feeder road. Traffic is light at this time.
10am update the freeway has reopened.

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  1. TG

    We all have seen cars broken down alongside the highways. I can’t speculate where this Isuzu was in relationship to the traveling lane but many times I’ve seen broken down vehicles on the shoulder but right at the white line that separates the shoulder from the driving lane. I’ve seen them so close they’re actually partially in the driving lane. Then again, there’s the distracted driver paying no attention to their driving and hitting the broken down car or truck that maybe well off the roadway. Or the person who sees the parked vehicle and just drives into them possibly thinking they’re in the driving lane, I don’t know, but I read about far too many crashes involving a broken down vehicles stopped off the roadway. Here’s a tip. If you break down on the highway pull as far off the roadway as possible even if it means parking in the grass. Drive on a flat if you have to, just get your car as far off the roadway as you possibly can. There are far too many tragedies like this.

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