45 southbound slow

Construction on I45 southbound at FM 1097 has 45 down to one lane. Traffic is backed up past the county line. Suggest Highway 75.

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  1. copeland

    Add the CON to sistent, because ignoring dangerous areas that need to be altered for the publics safety is just plain criminal! How many people have to be injured or die in these locations before TX-DOT does something to make them safer?

  2. copeland

    TX-DOT ignores accidents/fatalities that occur repeatedly at these areas! Sending letters out to citizens and businesses that complain and substantiate the history of accidents at these locations, that the laws and signage in that area is “consistent” with similar areas within the state, and thus do not require any changes for safety!! Just ask the DA in Huntsville about the speed limit and issues involved at Hwy 30/11th St and University St in Huntsville! And ask the owners of 1488 Antiques on the I-45 Southbound feeder road that FM 1488 East flows out into with no yield sign! That area is like playing chicken! And I have read the letter that Tx-DOT wrote concerning that location! Nothing wrong/dangerous here, no changes needed…it’s all sistent with other similar locations…to Hell with those who are killed in those dangerous areas!

  3. copeland

    Duh!! Can TX-DOT spell S-T-U-P-I-D!!?? Many people are already traveling the state to celebrate Christmas with family members out of their area!! Work on MAJOR freeways should NOT be scheduled at this time!!! It is irresponsible! Construction should be scheduled sometime after the New Year!! TX-DOT is also just plain ignorant in the way it controls traffic lights, sign placement, speed limits, etc. on state roads within cities, where pedestrians and drivers lives are put at risk daily!

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