Just after 2:30p.m. this afternoon a resident on FM 149 just south of Sharp Road were burning leaves and tree debris when the wind picked it up and pushed it into the pasture behind their home. With the high winds the fire spread quickly.

Montgomery Fire Department was the first to arrive and immediately requested additional assistance. As other trucks were enroute Montgomery Police notified dispatchers the fire had jumped Sharp Road and also the power pole of the high lines were on fire.

Within minutes of that the fire ran up to a home on Sharp Road. Getting under the house the under floor was burned as was the outside wall. A shed on the property was destroyed.

A second alarm was sounded bringing in yet more equipment. In addition to Montgomery Fire Department, North Montgomery, Conroe, Lake Conroe, Magnolia, River Plantation, Navasota, Anderson, Richards Fire Departments and the Texas Forest Service all responded to the scene.

Due to the almost thirty pieces of fire equipment on FM 149 and Sharp Road the Fire Department requested MCSO, DPS and Montgomery Police to close FM 149 for a short time but also to close Sharp Road to traffic. Trail riders were starting to come in for the night and were setting up camp just across from the pastures burning.

As all this happened a trail rider in the area had a horse go down. The rider advised authorities as soon as it rested a bit it could continue that it was just tired. There were no injuries.

Several patrol cars were blocking the road allowing fire equipment to pass. However, Kevin Harris, age 39 of Montgomery decided he was going in. As Sgt. Spiller advised him the road was closed he, with the Sgt. standing in front of his truck accelerated and started to push her, nearly running over her. He was quickly removed from the vehicle and arrested for Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer, a felony. As he was awaiting transport to the Montgomery County Jail a medical condition required EMS to respond and transport him to Conroe Regional Hospital. The deputy was uninjured.

As the Texas Forest Service surrounded the burned area with a dozer cutting a plow line the trail riders began arriving.

Several departments remain out there tonight mopping up and putting out hotspots.

Kevin Bates, the Montgomery County Assistant Fire Marshal advised that besides the shed that burned, the home damaged, approximately fifty to seventy-five acres had burned. The Forest Service was going to walk the line with a GPS and get an accurate size later tonight.

The resident who was burning was issued a citation.

As this fire was going on Porter and New Caney were battling a grass fire at Needham and East Martin in East Montgomery County.

Timberlakes was assisting Spring on a grass fire on Rhodes Road.

Magnolia was working a grass fire on FM 1488.

Splendora and New Caney were working a grassfire at Goodson and FM 2090.

Due to the dry conditions and high winds today was a bad day to be burning. Residents need to use caution as winds can carry an ember an extremely long distance.


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