December 3, 2022 12:11 pm

Posted: 10.3.2018 17:02


Its maximum capacity is 350, but right now more than 450 pets are under the watchful eyes of staff and volunteers at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. The overcrowded conditions are among the many impacts that remain from Hurricane Harvey, a little more than six months after the storm caused catastrophic flooding in the area.

“Many of the pets are victims of Harvey, too,” said Tena Lundquist Faust, co-president of Houston PetSet, a non-profit organization that has stepped in to help relieve the shelter’s burden. “We decided to do something after learning about the overcrowding they were experiencing.”

Houston PetSet quickly arranged an emergency transport from the shelter to two animal rescue organizations in Michigan. “The pets we’re transporting are larger breed dogs, which are sometimes harder to adopt out. Our wonderful friends up north agreed to take these beautiful animals in and find them loving homes,” Lundquist Faust explained.

Volunteers loaded 50 dogs onto the bus Saturday morning, the bus with 2 drivers and vet tech will drive straight through to their destination. As of this morning, there were 50 cats in the shelter and 450 dogs.