JOELBLANCOBOOKINGPHOTOOn Tuesday, February 11, 2014, at approximately 3:45 PM, a Deputy in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit conducted a traffic stop on a pickup truck in the Interstate 45 main lanes, near Lake Woodlands Drive. During the traffic stop, a Special Investigations Unit canine was deployed on the vehicle which resulted with a positive alert. A search of the vehicle was conducted and approximately 600 pounds of marijuana was located in the bed of the pickup truck. The street value of the marijuana was estimated at $360,000. The driver was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, 2nd degree felony.

Arrested was Joel Blanco, 31, of  40 Soren Lane in Houston. He is now in the Montgomery County Jail on a charge of  possession of marijuana less than 2,000 pounds but more than 500 pounds. His bond has been set at $100,000. However, even if he were to make bond, INS has a hold on him and he would be released into their custody.


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  1. lastcountry

    Montgomery is a sanctuary county, conroe is a sanctuary city,
    how else could GEO (and others) make money at the joe corley detention center ?? MONEY !!!

  2. gebenhoeh

    Next time your lawn guy shows up with the work crew ask to see the green cards! Perhaps that might discourage a few. Might need to do your own lawn or hire the kid next doors. With the drugs, it is the US that needs to go cold turkey and stop the demand. Also in the US many people know someone who sells drugs but they will not turn them in. They are just as guilty as the seller when someone ODs or kills someone (children) on the road. Laws have a purpose! Many too dumb to know that.

  3. conroetx

    Guys. Immigration deports people going to work (for little money) so we won’t have to pay more money for going out to eat, getting our washed cars, etc. Immigration RARLEY deports criminals. I have seen this with my own eyes, no one can tell me different. I guess the criminals are the ones that maintains them busy and secures a job? Who knows……its all backwards.

  4. iamaperson-ur2

    Its cheaper to hire someone like this person, we have a market in the US were many people legal or illegal are bringing in what is wanted and consumed in the USA this is a 2 way problem. After they pay for their crime they are deported.

  5. sean4281

    He has committed a major crime. Why wouldn’t you deport him? And while he is with buddies with lesser offences deport them also. But that is not how it works is it? Is it?

  6. spk

    Every crime I have read about today has been committed by illegal immigrants. There should be a way to send them to prison and then deport them and make them stay where they are sent. The worst kind of illegal immigrants are the ones who come here and commit crimes besides being here illegally. We could fix this, but our Congress doesn’t seem to want to or be able to get much done anymore. They aren’t protecting the US citizens at all.

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