October 1, 2022 5:31 am

Posted: 17.7.2009 22:38

7 year sentence for third Driving While Intoxicated


CONROE- Joseph Rodgers was sentenced to 7 years in prison yesterday by presiding Judge Keith Stewart in the 410th District Court. Rodgers was found guilty by a jury of felony Driving While Intoxicated on July 15, 2009. Assistant District Attorney, Cindy Pulcher, produced evidence that Rodgers had a minor traffic accident at a convenience store located off of I45 North on Rayford Road in Spring, Texas. Rodgers left the scene before Law Enforcement could arrive to investigate. Trooper Chapman, with the Department of Public Safety, received descriptors of Rodgers vehicle and stopped him in Conroe, Texas. After approaching Rodgers, Trooper Chapman noticed the odor of alcohol emitting from the defendant. The defendant performed poorly on the Field Sobriety Tests and refused to provide a specimen of his blood. Joseph Rodgers was currently on probation for Driving While Intoxicated 2nd out of County Court #4. The range of punishment was two to ten years in prison with the possibility of probation.

“This jury sent a clear message that Montgomery County citizens are angry about how dangerous their roads are,” said District Attorney Brett Ligon. “Mr. Rodgers was probation eligible under the law, but the jury decided to sentence him closer to the maximum sentence available. They understood, as I do, that by the time someone is committing their third DWI, they have proven themselves to be a significant danger to the general public. My hat goes off to the jury for making our roadways a little safer.”