A Deputy’s Heroic Actions


A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy went above and beyond the call of duty Tuesday evening, when he happened to be in the area of a house fire.

District 3 Deputy Aguirre responded to a routine call on Thelma Lane in New Caney around 6 p.m. and while on location, noticed some kind of commotion at another house on that street. He soon realized that house was on fire.

Deputy Aguirre rushed over to the burning home to make sure everyone was out of the house. When he learned the family dog was still inside, Aguirre went into the home, found the dog, and took it to safety.

Once the deputy knew the family and their dog were safe, he grabbed a garden hose and sprayed the house with water until firefighters arrived.

Deputy Aguirre suffered from smoke inhalation, but was not hospitalized.

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