It is time to clean up the Harris County Family Courthouse.

Every year, tens of thousands of Houstonians get caught up in Family Injustice, dragged through expensive divorces and child custody cases.

Dolcefino Consulting is showing you the money trail – the financial contributions from divorce lawyers who fund the campaigns of the judges who have the power to take away your kids.

Over the last five years, the family law judges have received millions of dollars in campaign money:

Julia Maldonado


Judy Warne


David Farr


John Schmude


Lisa Millard


Roy L. Moore


James Lombardino


Sherill Dean


Charley Prine


Alicia Franklin York


The total amount of contributions for these judges in the past five years is $3,067,075.39.

“We shouldn’t elect family judges based on political party,” says Dolcefino Consulting President Wayne Dolcefino, “We have created a system that doesn’t pass the smell test. Big contributions from lawyers to judges and big paydays for the lawyers. You do the math.”

You should look at this website before you hire a lawyer, or step in some of the more controversial family law courtrooms.

This is the introduction to our Family Injustice Roadmap on

Now you can see where these judges’ money is coming from…

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