A Special Presentation at the Sheriff’s Office

Savannah_with_several_MCSO_Deputies_(2)On Friday, January 16, 2015, 10 year old Savannah Solis, accompanied by her parents Scott and Debbie Solis, traveled from East Texas to present Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputies with homemade thank you cards at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Administration building, located at #1 Criminal Justice Drive, in Conroe, Texas.

Savannah was greeted by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel. Savannah has been showing her support for law enforcement by delivering homemade thank you cards to Law Enforcement throughout the State of Texas.

Reportedly, with recent events involving law enforcement officials, Savannah wanted to show her appreciation for what they do by doing something special for them. Savannah has been hand making the cards and attaching candy to them, touring to different law enforcement agencies throughout the State. Savannah has been passing out these unique thank you cards to law enforcement officials and getting their autographs.

Savannah presented several Montgomery County Sheriff Deputies with the homemade thank you cards and did retrieve their autographs. Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel presented Savannah with a Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, “Challenge Coin”, in appreciation for her visit. Savannah has a Facebook page covering her endeavor at





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