Daycare Worker Charged with Abandoning Children

Kehoe, Rosemary


A local daycare worker was jailed Saturday night after allegedly abandoning her small children to go out with friends.

Montgomery County Deputies responded to an apartment  at 24011 Richards Road in Spring to conduct a welfare check. When they arrived, they discovered a 3-year-old and a 6-year-old child left alone in the apartment. Deputies received information that the mother, 24-year-old Rosemary Kehoe, a Woodlands area daycare worker, had gone out partying for the evening leaving the children behind and unsupervised.

Deputies were able to find a family member to take custody of the children. When Kehoe returned she was arrested and remains in the Montgomery County Jail tonight on a total of $10,000 in bonds. She is charged with two counts of Abandon/endanger child w/intent to return.

Her case has been assigned to the 221st District Court.

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  1. spk

    It’s a shame you don’t have to go through all the red tape when you decide to have a baby that you do when you decide to adopt a baby/child. A lot of ‘parents’ would never make it. This woman should be sterilized. It is not inhumane, but what she did is inhumane and an outrage. No wonder kids grow up and do the things they do. A lot of them were raised inhumanely and should have been taken away from these rats before they get so rotten.

  2. shmily1973

    Would be my guess that this isn’t the first time she has done this and I am sure by now, this 6 year old is more than used to “watching” the 3 year old while mom does what she wants to do. I mean after all, mom needs her “Me” time, right? (Sarcasm).

  3. Joker

    This is what parenting means to a lot of the younger generation apparently I guess. Life is not one big party. You have to pay your parental dues first if you want to play occasionally.

  4. bella_boo_10

    This is so sad. I have a six year old. I can’t imagine how scared she would be if she was left alone. And to leave her unattended to watch a 3 year old? Seriously? Both could have been hurt. They will suffer their intire life thinking why does my mom not love me? I wish I could take those babies in and care for them. I hope they are not pushed from home to home. They need a stable home life with a new and good mother to take care of them. So sad

  5. moonshadow

    So, she’s in jail for endangering her children. And I agree that she should be there. My question is: why is a woman that used drugs throughout her pregnancy, and gave birth to an addicted baby, with 5 different drugs in his system, not in jail? That is the situation with my grandson. He was born on January 1 st, with not one, but 5 drugs in his system. She has no legal consequences at all. Why?

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