Just after 5pm an accident was reported on SH 242 at the Caney Creek bridge. This is just east of FM 1485 in New Caney. Ems and fire responded along with the New Caney Fire Department. When they arrived on the scene they found a GMC pickup to the south of the bridge in the tree line. The vehicle was occupied by Amber Burns, age 34 of Spring and her 6-year-old daughter.

Witnesses on the scene said the vehicle was westbound on SH  242 at a high rate of speed and weaving. The vehicle struck the end of the guardrail on the north side of the bridge, ran down the embankment, struck a tree and fence, went under the bridge missing three bridge support pillars. She then came out on the south side of the bridge, missed two telephone poles and struck a tree head on dead center of the truck.

Her 6-year-old daughter was shaken and had some seat belt bruising but was not injured. The driver was taken into custody by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department until DPS arrived.

One DPS arrived The driver was given a field sobriety test and placed in custody.

As DPS and EMS waited for family members arrive to pickup the child medics kept her very entertained allowing her to blow up latex gloves and drawing faces on it to keep her mind off the accident.

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  1. CnSTx

    Absolutely a stupid thing to do. 1)Drinking and driving 2)Drinking and driving with your child in the car.

    Well she will get a felony for dwi and child endangerment and if she is divorced will provide the father with ample ammunition to take custody of the child and since moms’ ride is busted she can walk to work from now on. Good luck making it to see the probation officer.

    Thankfully someone was looking out for her child, obviously mommy wasn’t.

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