Friday night just before 9pm Caney Creek Fire Department responded to a vehicle accident at FM 1485 and FM 2090. On arrival trey found a pickup truck had been westbound on FM 2090 and a mini van eastbound pulling a load of construction debris.

just as the two approached each other the right front ball joint on the pickup separated causing the driver to lose his steering and putting him into a spin. He struck the trailer tearing it loose from the mini van.

Neither driver was injured and FM2090 remained closed for almost thirty minutes as debris was cleared.

If the trailer would not have been there , the chances of hitting a utility pole were very likely as the pickup was heading directly for it when he was deflected by the trailer..DSC00328 DSC00329 DSC00330 DSC00331 DSC00332  DSC00334 DSC00335 DSC00336 DSC00337 DSC00338 DSC00339 DSC00340

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