Officers from seven agencies converged on Splendora this week for an active shooter school. The school designed to teach officers how to react, how to move and how to handle situations as they arise if a shooter should get into one of the schools occupied by children or building with large group gatherings.

Wood Branch, Roman Forest, New Caney ISD, Splendora, Splendora ISD, Patton Village and Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables Office took part in the training sponsored by the City of Splendora, Texas Narcotic Officers Association, Splendora ISD and Houston Police Department.

Students from the Splendora High School Student Council volunteered to be victims in the incident in which shooters were in the school. Several groups of officers went in for hands on training complete with gunfire and children screaming.

This school will be done several times a year to keep officers proficient in the event a situation ever arises.






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  1. Joker

    Though it is sad that this type of training is even necessary in the world today, I would rather officers have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Hopefully the situation never arises but being prepared is the only intelligent thing to do. Keep going strong gents 🙂

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