ACTIVITY: Recovery Stolen Property, Possession of a Controlled Substance “Meth” and Felon in Possession Firearm (2-AK-47’s)

On January 26th, 2012 at approximately 10:30 hrs, Deputies with the Pct. 1 Constables Office were working in the area of Walnut Cove, due to the proactive response lead by Constable Don Chumley in response to the recent rise in burglaries and thefts in the area.

The Constable had developed many leads from the community and had been told the suspects were using 4 wheelers as transportation. He had several Deputies working the area in search of the suspects and warning the citizens to be aware of the thefts and to report any suspicious activity.

While patrolling the area in the 12000 block of Andwood the Deputies noticed a single wide mobile home with a white male walking around outside with a small child. The scene sparked their proactive interest and they felt the duty to warn the home owner about the recent thefts in the area due to the sheer number of items that were sitting around the residence in plain view, including a four-wheeler and numerous power tools.

The Deputies approached the white male who identified himself as “Trae Allison” and started telling him why they were there and warning him of the thefts. The male seemed very nervous and not concerned about hearing the information. During this conversation and due to the man’s nervousness, the Deputy asked where he had obtained the four-wheeler, his response was a flea market. The Deputy requested to check the VIN and the man had no objections.

The Deputy was able to locate the VIN with the assistance of the Montgomery County Auto Theft Task Force and it was reported stolen. A white female named April Walker had joined her husband outside, both subjects were then checked through Montgomery County Dispatch and Trae Allison was wanted. Trae Allison was then arrested. Both Trae and April then claimed none of the items laying around belonged to them, it was just dropped off by some friends.

The Deputies then checked the serial numbers and license plate number of a trailer sitting in the yard with a very large welding machine on it, it was also reported stolen. A consent to search was the signed by April Walker for the interior of the residence.

Once inside the Deputies found another white female hiding in one of the bedrooms, she admitted she thought she had warrants too. The female, Samantha Joe Smith also had, in her immediate possession several hundred dollars in U.S Currency, a Meth Pipe, and a clear baggie containing >1 gram of Methamphetamine (tested positive by a NICS test). There was also numerous other pieces of equipment and a roll of copper in the home along with 5 weapons.

Two fully loaded AK47’s were recovered along with 3 hunting rifles, the hunting rifles were found to be stolen. The weapons were seized and an additional charge of felon in possession of a firearm was added to Trae Allison.

Numerous articles of stolen property were recovered including a four-wheeler, flat bed trailer, welding machine and numerous power tools totaling $6,168.00.

Montgomery County Pct 1 Deputies arrested Trae Allison w/m of Willis and Samantha Jo Smith w/f of Willis. Constable Chumley would also like to thank Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage for sending members of his Auto Theft Task Force/Detective Division to assist his department in this investigation and the community for their help and input. There are sure to be additional charges filed.

As a concerned community member assisting with our proactive enforcement, if you see or hear of any suspicious activities, do not hesitate to contact The Montgomery County Constable Pct. 1, Don Chumley’s office at 936/539-7821.

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  1. iceman

    Let’s don’t kid ourselves copeland. The system is overloaded with scum bags like these people (who don’t deserve to live, if you ask me). They will be back out on the street in no time at all. Besides, jail doesn’t stop the behavior. It only postpones it. You want a solid cure for the disease… impose the death penalty for drugs and crimes against kids here in the U.S. See what happens to crime then!

  2. whywould

    It’s funny how Mr. Allison was released on a “COURT ORDER RELEASE” With no CHARGES filed! He also had several warrants, and every FELONY chage he has received a PR bond even though he fails to appear in court. Who’s this kids uncle?

  3. copeland

    WooHoo!! Another rat’s nest of thieves/druggies and all their drugs/guns cleared out!!! Good work! Those of us who follow the law are sick of the idiots who don’t, now let’s hope they get a quick court date on the charges and a hard core anti-criminal judge! Too bad they get to bond out the next day and run the roads while they wait for justice!

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