Monday evening Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office attempted to stop a Landrover in the McDonalds parking lot at SH 242 and Interstate 45. The vehicle exited the parking lot at a high speed and drove east in the westbound lanes of SH242 just over a mile until he cut across to the eastbound lane and then through a ditch onto Gleneagles Drive. At that point the rear door which had been tied shut opened dumping contents on the roadway. The vehicle continued south on Gleneagles to Glen Oaks then onto Glen Jay. Once on Glen Jay he traveled east crashing through a road barrier and running approximately another one hundred yards where he ran up into the woods. Both white males fled on foot into the dense woods.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s K-9 unit responded along with the Precinct 4 Constables Office’s Bloodhound. After several hours of searching the search was called off.

The Landrover was stolen in Conroe. Inside deputies found several stolen items. However the thing that got their attention was a .44 revolver with loaded and one spent round.

Investigators will follow-up on the investigation Tuesday.


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