December 5, 2022 7:25 pm

Posted: 12.12.2013 14:43

Aggravated Robbery Suspect Arrested


On Friday and Monday, the Conroe Police Department received reports of aggravated robberies at two local convenience stores located on the north side of Conroe. The suspect involved in the robberies was believed to be the same person, based on the description of the suspect and the M.O. used to commit the crimes. On Thursday, around 4 a.m., Conroe Police received a report from a convenience store located in the 1100 block of N. Loop 336 W., in which a suspect, matching the description of the suspect involved in the first two robberies, held a gun to the clerk and demanded money. Although the clerk could provide a description of the suspect, she could not advise of a vehicle description or direction of travel, other than the suspect left the location on foot. Sgt. McCann, recognizing the similarities of the robberies, remembered that the vehicle used in the previous robberies was a tan or beige colored, four door passenger vehicle. Sgt. McCann drove in the vicinity of the robbery and waited, hoping the vehicle would pass by. Soon Sgt. McCann observed the vehicle pass in front of him. Sgt. McCann was able to receive a glimpse of the driver as the vehicle passed in front of his headlights and noted the driver’s appearance had characteristics consistent with the suspect from the robberies. Sgt. McCann followed the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Upon making contact with the driver, Sgt. McCann observed the suspect to be wearing clothes and shoes matching the description given in the previous crimes. As Sgt. McCann attempted to gather information from the driver, another officer approached from the passenger side and observed a black ski mask in the driver’s seat by his right thigh. The suspect wore a black ski mask in the robberies. At that time, Sgt. McCann began ordering the suspect out of the vehicle. The suspect quickly put the car in drive and fled the location. Sgt. McCann pursued the suspect until the driver lost control and crashed. The suspect attempted to flee on foot until Sgt. McCann tackled him and other officers arrived to assist. The suspect resisted, however, the officers were able to detain the suspect. Sgt. McCann received a laceration to his forehead during the struggle. The suspect has been identified as 44 year old, Lorenzo Thomas. Lorenzo was arrested on three counts of aggravated robbery and evading in a motor vehicle and transported to Montgomery County Jail.