Just after 8 am Tuesday morning Conroe was alerted that a military contract jet was enroute to Conroe from Dover Air Force base in Dover, Delaware. The flight was carrying Master Sgt. William Hannie III who as the Department of Defense stated was killed on October 24, 2015 while in theater in Bahrain, Iraq. Immediately several people with different agencies around Conroe started the pulling the wheels in motion for the unexpected arrival. Capt. Mike White with Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables Office contacted several agencies including fire and police to have them available for the arrival. Joe Manz with the Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office was able to get several fire departments to also arrive for the noon arrival.

Montgomery County Police Reporter posted it immediately on notification to give the residents of Montgomery County a chance to come out and honor the fallen veteran.

At 12:15pm a jet owned by Connie Kalitta, former drag racer whose step-daughter is a Commander in the United State Navy. Kallita has been providing flights for fallen soldiers for several years along with on demand cargo for the United States military.

AS the plane taxied into General Aviation a Conroe Fire Department pumper and Montgomery County Airport Crash truck provided a cannon as the aircraft passed under it.

Close to fifty residents of Conroe, along with deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Conroe Police, Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables, Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office and North Montgomery County Fire Department were waiting as the aircraft came to a halt in front of the crowd.

The First Battalion of the 158th Aviation Helicopter Regiment based at Conroe Airport carried the casket to the hearse for the escorted trip to Cashner Funeral Home on FM 3083 where Air Force representatives were present to play taps and present the United States Flag to Hannie’s sister.

Hannie’s sister Mary Lee Pham of Conroe said she was young when her brother joined the United States Air Force and after giving them 24 years, he retired. He then went back as a Department of Defense Contractor assigned to the United States Army. He was 51.

There will be a private ceremony attended by the family.


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