Early Wednesday morning Splendora Police received a tip call about human trafficking. Splendora Officer Michael St. Romain followed up and attempted to ping the phone the call came from. He was then able to locate a building on FM 2090 just west of Tram Road. Officer St. Romain went to the location and after checking a license number, learned it was stolen out of Houston, he continued to sit at a distance and observe the building and determined there was suspicious activity.
Calling for back-up, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Patton Village, and Wood Branch Police units responded. Officers approached the building and were able to detained several people. I.C.E was requested to the scene, once there a Federal Search Warrant was obtained. It was then the vehicle was confirmed stolen, in addition stolen guns, money and multiple cell phones. Three of the eight were immediately arrested. The others remain detained and are being questioned as being part of a human trafficking operation.

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