The Amber Alert which went into affect Thursday night was cancelled just after 1am Friday. Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies following up on a tip located the child along with the child’s mother, and a male companion near Alief Clode and Westpark.

Police said 2-year-old Mark Leeson was taken by Hailey Richter, 18, and Zikeyas McCullum, 21.
According to the custodial grandmother, Amanda Leeson, Richter showed up at her house unannounced. Leeson has had custody of Mark Leeson since he was born.
“Then when she got him dressed, within five minutes, she maced me, slammed my head into the door,” Amanda Leeson said.
Richter and McCullum ran out of the house and she ran after them. She said her daughter maced her again and slammed her head against the ground.
“He has allergies that she does not know about; to diapers, to food, to milk,” Amanda Leeson said. “She knows nothing about him. She took him with no medication, no breathing treatment. She left his blanket here that he can’t sleep without.”

Amanda Lessen drove to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in West Harris County to pick Mark up. She told us she was very thankful for all the Amber Alerts and Media coverage and all the law enforcement officers involved in the search.

Richter and McCullum are in custody.


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