Just after 2 am units were working a crash on I-45 northbound just south of Rayford Road. Traffic on the feeder was almost at a standstill. A Montgomery County Hospital District unit going back to the station was also in the traffic. A blue Honda Civic came up behind the ambulance and tried to go from the right lane to the left. That’s when a Toyota exited the freeway at a high rate of speed and slammed into the rear of the Honda. The crash caused the Honda to sping striking the rear of the ambulance doing minor damage to the ambulance. As the vehicle was spinning it clipped a red Mercedes owned by the girlfriend of the driver who exited the freeway. Her car had very minor damage. After the Toyota struck the Honda it continued to the right, through bushes and across a parking lot. IT then hit a curb going over it which caused it to spin just inches from hitting a van parked in that parking lot. DPS worked the crash and determined the driver of the Toyota was not impaired. As deputies were working traffic for that crash a mobile car wash van almost hit the deputy as it came down the feeder at a high rate of speed. That driver was intoxicated and arrested.

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