An Unusual Spring Break…

LAKE CONROE-  While most teens and pre-teens dreamed of spending Spring Break 2019 on a beach, gaming, sleeping late, or in other pursuits representative of their age group, one local fourth-grader has chosen to spend the vacation days serving his community. Thomas Martin has been bothered for some time by all the litter he saw in and around Lake Conroe, and wished “someone” would clean it up. At some point, Thomas became determined to be that “someone” who would take action and make a difference. The 10-year-old was so determined to remove the litter from the lake, he devoted a great deal of time and effort to begging his dad to help him accomplish his goal.

Family friends say Thomas was so persistent about wanting to tackle the tedious task of removing litter from the lake that his dad agreed to schedule his vacation around Thomas’ Spring Break so he could help make Thomas’ wish come true.The pair spent Sunday on the water, with acting as a water taxi driver, hauling Thomas around the lake in a boat, as he made a difference in his community – one item at a time.

In all, Thomas removed a whopping 148 bottles plus other litter from Lake Conroe on Sunday.  Thomas was encouraged by his accomplishment and plans to do even more!

Montgomery County Police Reporter would like to recognize and thank Thomas Martin for being such an outstanding community member and proving one person CAN make a difference wherever they are in life.

Thomas – keep up the good work!


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