animal control working two dog attacks

dog attacksMontgomery County Animal Control is currently working two animal attacks on small children.  In both cases the child ages 4 and 5 year old were attacked by a dog who either was not confined or was able to break free from a chain. 

The first attack occurred in the 3000 block of Crystal Forest Circle, at about 6:00 pm on Thursday evening, the 5 year old was attacked while walking in the street.  Two witness rushed to help the injured child who was taken to Conroe Regional Hospital with 6 separate bite wounds on his back, legs and side.  The Pit Bull Mix was picked up by Montgomery County Animal Control and it being held.  {Dog involved picture attached}

The second attack occurred at about 9:00 AM on Friday, when a 4 year old child was riding her bicycle in her own yard on the 4000 block of Crockett Martin Road when two unconfined Pit Bull Mix dogs began chasing her.  She was fell from her bike and received injuries to her neck.  She was treated and released from the hospital and is recovering at home.  Both dogs involved in this attack were also picked up by responding animal control officers and are in custody.

In both cases the disposition of the animal will be left to a Judge to decide.

With summer quickly approaching, we would ask that animal owners who’s dogs could pose a danger to children ensure that they are in a secure enclosure that is capable of keep both the animal in and small children out. 

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  1. Ofcourseithappenedagain

    I have to admit since I have lived in the Conroe area over 3 years, I have seen animal control twice. Once when I called and once coming out of a sonic parking lot (lunch?)Unfortunately I had to call animal control for a lost/un-controlled pit bull at my communities play ground. Plus, my apartment complex does not do anything about all the pit bulls living illegally in the complex. I know it isn’t the dogs fault and I understand the breeds nature. But, seems that the people who owns these animals, be responsible to own a special permit for them. And set even heavier fines for non compliant owners. I would like to see what the animal control have to say about why they are seemingly non existent on the streets picking up these strays and dealings with owners. Any animal can be a threat to a child. My daughter was bitten by a neighbors dachshund as it was trying to attack a teacup yorkie she rescued from its attacks. She learned a valuable lesson on what not to do. Obviously, the owner of the dog, surrendered the dachshund (didn’t have proper tags/vaccinations?) But, it isn’t the dogs fault or my child, it is the owner, and nothing is ever done harsh enough. It is a slap on the hand. And, yes someone’s child, grandparent, or innocent bystander is at the mercy of a special breed that is over populated in my area for sure! Pit bulls need to be aggressively controlled, hands down.

  2. lastcountry

    animal control working -now that’s a rare headline,,if the lazy suckers would pick up dogs that were reported to them, some of these sad cases could be prevented,,dogs run up and down e.greenleaf lane here in grangerland daily..we call animal control, they just drive around neighborhood, then poof..they’re gone..the animal control officers, that is…Not The Dogs ..the officers just ride,don’t even stop..

  3. LocalDrifter

    That’s the reason Hillbillies keep pit bulls around… to feed their kids to them. Cost per pound it’s cheaper than buying (shoplifting, more likely) dog food.

    Like Jay Leno boasted on those Doritos commercials, “Eat all you want…. We’ll make more.”

  4. cindy

    So it had to take the children getting attacked before anything was done well this is the same thing going on with my grandchild and they have been given tickets and the dog is still lose and chasing the children if something happens to them well I will shot the dog

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