Another day, another murder – Conroe man stabbed to death

It was a bloody weekend in Montgomery County. A day after a man stabbed his wife to death in Willis, police say another love affair ended the same way, when a Conroe woman stabbed and killed her boyfriend.

Anataja Doniish Harris, 25 is in the Montgomery County Jail, charged with the murder of 31-year-old Quentin Eugene “Scooby” Brown at their residence in the Tanglewood Apartments located at 1510 block of Oddfellow St.

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Conroe Police Sgt. Bob Berry said the incident was reported as a disturbance with weapons around 3:15 p.m., but the violence ended before police arrived. They found Brown barely alive with a stab wound to the chest.

MCHD medics checked on the availability of a medical helicopter, but soon decided to transport Brown by ground ambulance. They were en route to Hermann Hospital in The Woodlands but Brown’s conditioned worsened. He went into traumatic arrest and the ambulance was diverted to Conroe Regional Medical Center where Brown was pronounced dead around 4:15 p.m. Pct. 2 Justice of the Peace Trey Spikes ordered an autopsy.

Officers secured the couple’s apartment for crime scene investigators, and stood post at the two entry gates to the small complex allowing only residents inside as detectives scoured the apartment and interviewed witnesses from surrounding apartments. Harris was taken into custody on the scene for questioning and later charged and booked into the county jail, charged with first-degree murder.

Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon and First Assistant District Attorney Phil Grant went to the apartments where they spoke with detectives and examined the crime scene before going to the police station to continue reviewing evidence. It was the second day in a row of the three-day weekend that the DA found himself on a murder scene.

Police secured Brown’s distinctive two-tone 1977 Lincoln Continental. Sgt. Berry would only say the car “may be of evidentiary value.” CPD requested a drug sniffing K-9, which was answered by the office of Pct. 3 Constable Tim Holifield. Deputy Brian Eyring and K-9 Gwen responded to the car, still parked at the complex.

K-9 Gwen went to the driver’s side front of the vehicle, then to the rear where she gave a positive sniff alert on the backseat area of the car and then the trunk of the car, which had a hole where the lock should have been, but was somehow secured. Officers could access the backseat, but not the trunk. The car was impounded and taken by wrecker to the Conroe Police station where it was to be thoroughly searched. As of this writing, no information is available regarding what, if anything was removed from the car.

The Conroe murder case paralleled a tragedy in Willis a day earlier, when Willis Police say Earl Handy stabbed his estranged wife’s male companion, and then stabbed his wife to death with a kitchen knife. Berry could not confirm information that the weapon used by Harris was also a kitchen knife.

Police radio transmissions indicated there were two children in the Brown and Harris residence at the time of the stabbing and a relative was contacted to take them after officers arrived. Donna Handy’s 17-year-old son was also at home when she was killed.

Earl Handy, Jr. is charged with Capital Murder and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and is being held without bond.

Unlike Handy, who has a documented history of violence, Harris’s prior criminal convictions include only theft and drug possession with no record of violent crime.

In the Handy case, a possible motive was immediately apparent with the couple recently separated and the new boyfriend at the wife’s residence. In the Harris / Brown case, the only information provided has been that the couple was having an argument.

Additional information regarding both cases will be provided as it becomes available.

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