December 3, 2022 1:39 pm

Posted: 2.9.2014 16:55


Monday afternoon a DEA helicopter was flying over Polk County when, about 5 miles west of Corrigan they spotted what appeared to be a marijuana field. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office was notified and early Tuesday they went on foot to to search the area which was quite desolate. Unable to get four wheelers in they came upon a clearing done by a timber company. This for the start of a new pine plantation and allow sunlight to hit the forest floor.

In all 9,600 plants were plucked from the ground. They were then wrapped in tarps and airlifted out by a DPS helicopter. The plants were then loaded onto a trailer and hauled to the sheriff’s office.

Several agencies assisted including Texas Parks and Wildlife, DPS, DEA, Angelina County Sheriff’s Office.