Alvarado-Rodriguez, Yovany AlexisFriday night Jason Grindstaff and Paul Hubbard, both with Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constables Office were working a DWI task force. They had been on most of the night with a few traffic stops. Deputy Grindstaff was northbound on Interstate 45 near FM 1488 when he stopped a female driver doing 105 miles per hour. After approaching her and getting her identification he went back to his patrol car. As he was working the citation a Ford Expedition past him going southbound at approximately eighty miles per hour in the northbound lanes.
Grindstaff immediately radioed the information to dispatchers and turned around on the freeway in pursuit.
At the same time Deputy Hubbard was northbound in the Shenandoah area. Hearing the call he immediately sped up and started directing vehicles out of the left lane. As he approached SH242 the Ford Expedition can be seen coming at him head on.
He turned around and assisted Deputy Grindstaff as the vehicle pulled over. As both deputies approached the vehicle with guns drawn they ordered the suspect out of the vehicle who refused. Standing between the shoulder and a moving lane of traffic they attempted to pull the suspect out as he started to fight/ The deputies fearing they could get pushed into a moving lane of traffic dry stunned him with a stun gun and removed him from the vehicle.
The driver identified as Miguel Angel Martinez-Alvando, 28, of Humble told deputies he believed that he was in Humble.

The driver had no insurance and no drivers license.
Just prior to the incident Conroe Police also took a call of the wrong way driver at SH 105 but by the time units arrived in the area Precinct 2 was already attempting to stop the vehicle.
The driver was booked into the Montgomery County Jail for Driving while intoxicated.



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  1. texasmomof2

    Why do people feel it is ok it drive without a license and insurance? Driving is a privilege not an entitlement!! And when these morons cause accidents, who pays? Exactly!! And that’s why the vehicle that they are caught driving should be confiscated on the spot and sold at auction..period!!

  2. spk

    How do cops, reporters, firemen, etc. work all these horrific, traumatic, idiocy things all the time and keep any kind of positive attitude or even their sanity? Why are drunk drivers treated with kid gloves? Why aren’t they treated like they treat others? The fact that some don’t wreck and kill isn’t their fault. Why aren’t they charged with murder or attempted murder with their large weapon? And why are judges so calloused to the victims’ families and so much for the criminal? What is wrong with this picture?

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