From the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management:

More storms and periods of unsettled weather are forecast to come through Montgomery County through the weekend and early next week. The National Weather Service is predicting fast moving thunderstorms between 6pm tonight thru 6am Saturday morning. These storms are anticipated to bring 2 – 4in. of rain, damaging winds, large hail and possible tornado activity. Due to ground saturation from recent rainfall winds can uproot and topples trees.
Flash Flood Watch is in effect starting 1:00pm today April 29, 2016 through Sunday morning.
A good rule of thumb, if a road has flooded before because of heavy rainfall it could flood again. Be cautious if you are out on the roads during this weather event, if there is water on the road, Turn around, don’t drown!
Due to the threat of server thunderstorms and possible flash flooding Conroe KidzFest and the CBI Triathlon have both been cancelled.
Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management will continue to monitor the situation, you can find updates at

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  1. mlg1969

    I just have to make a comment about the so called ” WEATHER ” situation. I was at a gas station today and sat in a long line, there were several lines with people filling their gas cans, etc. Then later I see people putting plywood on Windows. My question is…. Has everyone become frootloops? Do we all of sudden have a HURRICANE? And by the way… Some of the bad weather was supposed to start hours ago

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