Arrested in borrowed car with stolen goods

GRANGERLAND- A Cut-N-Shoot woman said she was shocked Sunday night when the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office contacted her to go to a Grangerland store and identify items from her burglarized home, a few hours after she filed the report.

The MCSO had a suspect in custody, when the victim, whose name is withheld for her privacy and safety, arrived on the scene.

Joseph Lee Alexander, 28, of Conroe was charged with possession of a controlled substance, greater than one gram, less than four grams, and burglary of a habitation. His bond is set at $25,000.

Public Data shows Alexander’s plentiful list of priors includes: assault causes bodily injury; criminal trespass of a habitation; criminal mischief; Assault/ family violence and resisting arrest.

Alexander was arrested at the Valero gas station on the corner of FM 3083 and FM 1485, where witnesses to the arrest said they did not know the suspect personally, but had seen him in the same area on other occasions.

Captain Ken Ariola said the call leading to Alexander’s capture was placed a little before 10 p.m. from a store just down the road from the Valero.

“Around 9:50 p.m., deputies responded to a fraud call at Dee’s Quick Stop on FM 1485 near Pickering Road,” Ariola said. “The cashier described a white male who tried to pay with a fake $20 bill.”

The cashier also described the vehicle, a dark red Ford Mustang, and patrol deputies began to look for the vehicle at stores nearby. They noticed a car matching the description pulling into the parking lot of the Valero store. Deputies confronted the driver, Alexander, who claimed he was coming from his house on Nonesuch Road, Ariola said.

“Deputies got consent to search and they found a small plastic bag containing crystal methamphetamine, and a large syringe,” he said.

Deputies also discovered a diaper bag with numerous bottles of medication inside, and a DVD player was in the backseat. It was the victim who noticed her family Bible in the car.

The victim has physical conditions requiring her to take dozens of assorted medications daily, including narcotic pain medications that are also valuable street drugs. After a Sunday outing, she says returned home to find her house was burglarized and all of her medications were taken, along with medication belonging to her two sons. Other items, including a family Bible were taken as well. The medications, spread out on the hood of an MCSO patrol vehicle, looked like the result of multiple burglaries, but the victim said most of them were hers and they all were from her home.

One by one, the victim inventoried the pill bottles that sat on the hood of the MCSO patrol car, and was upset to realize that the strong pain medication she takes for major back and neck injuries were gone, along with her sleep medication.

Although she was upset about the important medications taken from her home that were not in the suspect’s possession when he was found, the victim said she was thankful to have the others found and the suspect in custody.

The evidence was removed from a maroon and black 1996 Ford Mustang, whose owner arrived on-scene and said she had loaned Alexander the car about four hours earlier. The car was impounded.

Despite the bitter cold, it was a busy night for law enforcement in East Montgomery County.

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