Late Friday afternoon, the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office received information that a wanted fugitive was seen on Massey Road in the Grangerland area. Several deputies responded to the area. Within minutes, the suspect, 34-year-old William Lynott Prestage of Conroe was spotted riding a horse down Massey Road.

Lt. Seals pulled in front of him to block his path as Deputy Morrow approached the suspect from behind in case he attempted to flee. Not knowing if the suspect was armed, weapons were drawn as deputies ordered Prestage off the horse. Deputies also searched the horse for any weapons or contraband that may have been in the suspect’s possession.

Deputies ran a check on Prestage and discovered he was incarcerated for Evading Arrest/Detention and was free on bond. However, a Surety to Surrender was issued and signed by the judge for Prestage to be re-arrested.

Deputies placed Prestage in custody and placed him in the East Montgomery County Jail to await transport to the main jail in Conroe.

The horse was retrieved by a friend and returned to Prestage’s home.




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  1. Swatz

    *laugh* @jkay, That’s what I was thinking. The horse looks like one of those teens caught joy riding with a friend. Wait, I didn’t know the car was stolen, he just said let’s go for a ride. He said we were going for oats. (sigh) There are no oats, are there Will?

  2. jkayrobin

    I can not help but laugh at this one… Love the way the horse got “patted down” even on his chest which dont look like there would be anyway to hide anything there. All the while the horse is looking around as to say, “What in the hell is going on? What did I do? William, what is going on man?” And all caught on dash cam! LMAO…Glad they got their guy but still funny!

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