Over the past year, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department has received several citizens’ complaints on very aggressive individuals soliciting money at the intersection of Hwy. 146 and Hwy. 105 in mid-Liberty County.

At approximately 8:34am, this date, Deputy M. Giaquinto responded to another such citizen’s complaint regarding solicitors stepping into the traffic lanes, banging on vehicle windshields and being very aggressive in their attempts to obtain donations for a church in Dallas, Texas. Fortunately, Deputy Giaquinto was within eyesight of this intersection and actually observed two males blocking the traffic lanes and being aggressive in their efforts to collect money. With the assistance of Sgt. Investigator Kenny Dagle, the two individuals were arrested and charged with "Obstruction of a Roadway" and placed in the Liberty County jail.

They were identified as George Michael Eason and Ronald Wayne Bush with a Dallas, Texas address. Both men had lengthy criminal records and other arrest from out of state for begging, panhandling, etc. These individuals claimed to be collecting money for a Dallas church but when Dep. Giaquinto attempted to verify this church address, it came back to a vacant lot in Dallas where approximately twenty (20) other such organizations also gave as their church address.

The Sheriff’s Department suggests that if any citizen wishes to make a donation at such a location, that you be familiar with the organization to which you are donating and to report to the Sheriff’s dispatcher at (936) 336-4500, any overly aggressive and/or harassment or threatening attempts to gain your donation.  Presently, there is no law against nor permits for seeking donations at intersections in Liberty County but our citizens do not have to tolerate feeling as though they are being coerced or threatened into making any donation.


                                              RONALD WAYNE BUSH




                                                  GEORGE MICHAEL EASON