On April 9, 2019, Officer Santiago was dispatched to a suspicious person call in the 27000 block of FM 2090. While en route to the call, dispatch changed the nature of the call to illegal dumping in progress. The male suspect had started dumping trash from his vehicle and began arguing with the homeowner.
When Officer Santiago arrived on the scene, the suspect charged Officer Santiago and struck him in the face. The homeowner, Mr. Moore, immediately jumped into action, assisting Officer Santiago in his scuffle with the suspect. Officer Santiago was able to gain control of the suspect with minimal force, with the assistance of the homeowner and arriving officers. The suspect was placed in custody and he was taken to the Montgomery County jail. Ponder, Reginald was booked on Assault of a Public Servant.
Chief Wieghat would like to take a moment to publicly thank Donald Moore. In an era where a great deal of people would have stood behind a camera, videoing the incident, Mr. Moore was supportive of our agency. We are honored to have families such as the Moore’s in our community.

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