Atascocita firefighter dead after vehicle crashes into 18-wheeler carrying canisters of apple juice in Liberty County

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — An Atascocita firefighter was killed in a crash involving highly-concentrated, sub-zero canisters of apple juice.

On Friday night, Lieutenant Jared Snell, 35, was headed eastbound on Highway 105 when he collided with a refrigerated 18-wheeler.

Snell, who was a member of the Atascocita Fire Department since April 2017, was pronounced dead on the scene.

“Our hearts are broken, and our thoughts and prayers are with Jared Snell’s family. Details regarding funeral arrangements for Jared will be provided as they become available,” Atascocita Fire Department said in a Facebook post.


Late Friday evening a Hummer was eastbound on SH 105 at County Road 2266 about 6 miles east of Cleveland when the driver attempted to pass a vehicle. A Stevenson Transport truck loaded with barrels of highly concentrated apple juice was westbound. The Hummer struck the 18-wheeler refrigerated truck head-on and burst into flames. The driver of the Hummer was trapped in the vehicle and did not survive. The driver of the 18-wheeler suffered minor injuries. Fire crews from Cleveland and Tarkington battled the blaze. HazMAt International responded to the scene to remove the diesel fuel and remove several pallets of highly concentrated apple juice which was considered flammable and hazardous material. SH 105 will be closed into the morning hours. Crews working with the barrels report the contents to be at 18-degrees below zero even after the fire and being exposed to the outside air. The driver of the Hummer is from the Tarkington area, however, Troopers say the name will not be released until positive identification is made during the autopsy. Smith and J&J Wrecker are on the scene to move the 18-wheeler once it is unloaded.

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  1. res

    No doubt, fmrlasodepsheriff. It’s a racket, for sure. I drive a truck for a living hauling food waste and used vegetable oil for a processing plant. Years ago, the fuel line ruptured and about 50 gallons of diesel spilled in a parking lot in the middle of the night. Now being an oil haulage company, we are fully equipped to clean spills of oil- there is a crew and truck trained and equipped to do so at our yard.

    The fire department wouldn’t let us clean it- instead some hazmat company was required to come out, because our guys didn’t have HAZWOPR license for “HAZMAT”.

    The cleanup crew came out, threw down about $200 in oil dry and swept it up into like 3 barrels. From there, who knows- probably went into their dumpster at their yard. All to the tune of almost $10,000 charge to the company. While our crew with barrels and oil dry had to stand by and watch. LOL- extortion, plain and simple.

  2. fmrlasodepsheriff

    Now for HAZ-MAT International… You Rip offs !!! F***kin Apple juice is a FOOD PRODUCT. It’s not even listed in the ERG. You guys are ambulance chasing wannabe’s. The Reefer was destroyed by fire. Open the rear doors and bring the temperature down. But you azzholes, mask up, put on chem suits for what????? The only danger was to the unknowing TAXPAYERS of Texas. Want to challenge me on this ? As Scott knows, I work for the N.T.S.B.

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