Tuesday, February 27, 2024


A stolen ATM was recovered in a home in northeast Houston Monday morning. Now, five people are in custody.
According to Humble Police, the ATM from the Timewise Shell gas station in the 1000 Block of FM 1960 in Humble was bashed in. Several men used a stolen truck to ram into the side of the gas station and steal the ATM while the store was open.

Humble Police also discovered additional evidence in the home which could be linked to other cases.
Police also say a wrecker driver followed the suspects to the area of the home in the 11000 Block of Vailview Drive in northeast Harris County. An internal GPS confirmed it. When Houston Police arrived on the scene the driveway and road were littered with commercial grade broken glass and tire tracks rutted the front yard to a side gate. An officer saw the ATM over a fence and when he confronted the residents of the home who were behind burglar bars they refused to come out to talk and refused access to the backyard.

After getting a search warrant, police arrested five people, including one person who tried to hide in the attic, but fell through the ceiling when police arrived.
Neighbors say the family had only been living there a few months.
The suspects will be charged with aggravated robbery. More charges could be filed.


The ATM which had been moved into the house took Humble officers who responded awhile to get out. Due to the weight Humble Wrecker Service was utilized to load the ATM and with police escort transport it back to Humble.






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