An attempted abduction has disrupted a quiet neighborhood in Porter and terrified a young teen. Officials say a heavy-set white male jumped out of his vehicle and  attempted to abduct a young female as she walked along the road. The female ran into the woods with him close behind. With 911 on the phone she was in contact with dispatchers who were trying to direct units to her. She was just located deep in the woods but appears alright as EMS checks her. A DPS helicopter is currently over head attempting to locate the male. Motorists in the FM 1314 /Cumberland area please keep an eye out for this male. In addition with multiple police units in the area please use caution. Moments ago as EMS attempted to enter the scene with lights and siren the south bound traffic totally ignored them. The male was possibly driving a silver or gray vehicle .

This is a breaking news story and details are limited at this time . We will update shortly.

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