Attorney General Paxton Defends School and State Rights Against Federal Overreach

AUSTIN – Today, the Office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton represented a 13-state coalition in federal court in the Northern District of Texas to challenge the Obama Administration’s unlawful federal directive that schools allow students to use whatever bathrooms and other intimate facilities they prefer. Attorney General Paxton released the following statement after the hearing:

“We are confident that the court will rule against the Obama Administration’s latest illegal federal overreach. This President is attempting to rewrite the laws that were enacted by the elected representatives of the people, and is using the threat of losing federal funding to get schools to conform; that cannot be allowed to continue. The Obama Administration’s directive unlawfully invades areas that are better left to local schools and parents to balance the needs of students, including their safety, privacy and dignity.”

The court heard arguments on the Texas-led coalition’s request for a preliminary injunction to prevent the federal government from imposing its unlawful directive on local schools and employers. The court considered the parties’ arguments and could possibly issue a ruling in August.

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  1. DollyHorton

    Depends on how many of Obama’s lap dogs in Texas are too fearful of losing ‘federal funds’. It always seems to come down to hysterics over whether or not our state will collapse into rubble if we lose federal funding. You can bet there will be plenty of lap dogs howling in fear and barking that they can’t lose the federal funds because they have to “do the people’s business”.

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