Just after 1 am Harris County Precinct 4 Constables were dispatched to an auto/pedestrian accident on FM 1960 at Briar Creek in front of Memorial Hills Subdivision. Units arriving were not able to locate it but another unit found the accident about 1 mile west on FM 1960 over the Hardy Toll Road. CCEMSA arrived on the scene with Aldine Fire Department and pronounced the male deceased. According to deputies a male and female were walking over the bridge on FM 1960. Over 10 street lamps were overhead but none were working causing the area to be extremely dark. A male driving a Ford F-250 was eastbound and spotted a woman walking int he road. He swerved but did not see her husband who was dressed in dark clothes.  After the crash the wife of the deceased fled the scene. She was found about 30 minutes later dancing in the intersection of Richey Road and Hardy. HCSO put her in custody and returned her to the scene. The female appeared to be quite impaired. She was taken to the hospital by CCEMSA. During the investigation several motorists drove around patrol units directing traffic. One vehicle almost ran the body over along with several deputies. Additional units were placed to block traffic but moments later another vehicle went around the block and with at least 5 others following the leader almost drove up into the scene again. The driver of the pickup who struck the deceased did not appear impaired and Precinct 4 does not anticipate any charges. The deceased had a Louisiana drivers license. It was not known if he was homeless or was living in a local motel.



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