On Friday, the  Auto Theft Task Force (ATTF) detectives were dispatched to a traffic stop on SH105W @ Lake Conroe Village regarding an altered gooseneck horse trailer where all identification numbers were removed. The trailer was seized. The owner told investigators that he purchased the trailer with no papers off of Craigslist. The estimated value of the trailer is $2,500.

On Saturday,  ATTF detectives were contacted about a stolen trailer at approximately 1:30 A.M. Patrol deputies stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and found that the trailer the vehicle was towing was stolen. The suspect took investigators to a storage facility on Cude Cemetery Rd., there, detectives found in two storage sheds a stolen dually truck, stolen ATV, stolen utility trailer, numerous stolen tools, and three granite grave markers. The suspect was arrested and placed in the Montgomery County Jail. The estimated recovery value is $100,000 to $120,000. Investigators have found where the grave markers were stolen locally and are making arrangements for their return.

On Saturday  ATTF detectives were dispatched to a business burglary where a stolen truck used in the crime had been recovered. The driver/suspect fled the scene upon the arrival of deputies. Combining efforts with Oak Ridge North P.D. detectives went to a residence in South County were the suspect was arrested hiding in the attic. Detectives also recovered a motorcycle and ATV that had been stolen from a local pawn shop. The estimated value of the recovery was $15,000. The suspect was also charged with aggravated assault of a peace officer after he left the stolen truck in reverse at the burglary scene and let it roll toward a deputy.

On Sunday,  ATTF detectives were dispatched to a disturbance at a residence in Magnolia. MCSO Patrol was on location and discovered a stolen vehicle. Detectives recovered two stolen vehicles and three stolen trailers. The estimated value of the recovery was $120,000. One person was arrested at the scene for Harris County Warrants. Additional arrests are pending.

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  1. lastcountry

    I read elsewhere the detectives returned the tombstones to the proper grave sites and reinstalled them,,i , for one, want to thank them for that great deed !!
    Thank You, ATTF !!

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